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If you had ALL the Lego you needed....

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Trishcuit, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. If you had ALL the Lego you needed....

    what would you build? I think I would build Rivendell, the elf dwelling from the Lord of the Rings. Looks like a nice place to hang out.:)
  2. I wish I had a dollar for every lego part I stepped on in the dark of the night. Man those rascalls can hurt.:eek::p
  3. I'd build a Fort; Fully defendable, Fully stocked, Zombie proof, and spanning at least 3 city blocks. :cool:
  4. I'd be joining you at millionaire acres if I had a dollar for every one I stepped on too.

    If I had all the legos I needed, I would built the world's first Lego house to live in...
  5. I would build a big, ugly, mean junkyard lego dog.

    And I would name him "Lego."

    ......Then,............... when he bit me I would shout....

    "LEGO!!! LEGO!!!" :D
  6. awww schultz that gets the groaner award!

    my husband wants to get the kids a lego set. I am trying to remind him of the excrutiating pain when you step on one of those two-sies.
  7. LOL Trishcuit!!!!!!!! I'll help you build Rivendell, I adore a place like that :) living peacefully there !!! beautiful place. it can be made :)
  8. I bet the food is good too:D
  9. i would build a city... and name it lego land and i would be the king... lol

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