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    If you could use any part of the Bible (verse, chapter, or book) to describe where your life is at this time...what would it be and why would you say that?

    I'll start.......

    I choose Luke 8:2-3, 10; 1 Timothy 6:12 and 1 Peter 5:12b
    The reason why i choose these verses is because right now i am walking with Jesus, learning all that i can about Him and His ways, and He has given me the opportunity to testify and share what i am learning. Plus He gave them to me as what to share....and the idea for this thread.

    The verse in 1 Peter is because as a disciple of Jesus, that is learning....He has told me to learn to walk in His grace for me. Gone are the days of condemnation (Romans 8:1), and being ignorant to the truth of the Bible and the destructive ways of the devil. Gone are the days where i allow my mind to go anywhere it wants to go (2 Corinthians 10:5). And gone are the days where my emotions have authority. The time is now to walk in the laws of love, grace and faith. In the truth of the Living Word of God. And only be moved by the infallable Word of God (The Bible). Jesus has set me free from the law of sin and death (Romans 8:2), He has broken the chains of guilt, and every thing that exalts itself against the knowledge and anointing of Jesus. His burden removing, yolk destroying anointing has come to set the captives free and He is comissioning me to take this anointing to the rest of the world. I am apart of the Body of Christ (which means anointing) and Jesus has made us all ambassadors for Christ, to minister reconciliation to the captives. (2 Corinthians 5:18)
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  2. I like this.

    Umm, for me...

    I guess; where Elijah just sat down and was like, I'm no better than my ancestors and went on a tangent. I'm sure this is coming out of Kings..

    Right now, although I believe in God I always wonder... If God would have done any of what he did..if there was no glory (none what so ever) involved.

    Just expressing my thoughts..
    * waits for onslaught
  3. Thanks for taking the time to honestly answer! If i am understanding you right....it seems as if you are saying that God only did what He did to receive glory?
  4. Yes your are reading right... And to me, I kinda seems that way.
  5. I can understand why it seems that way. But if we look at the garden of eden and His sending Jesus to redeem us. ...we see that He does all the things that He does not just to get the glory and to be able to show what a wonderful loving God He is...but also because He loves us. God created the garden of eden just so that we would have a beautiful world to live in. He knew that He was going to create people, and wanted to take care of them and bless them. The sad part is that Adam messed it up when he chose to disobey God's one and only rule.
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  6. 2 Kings 6:1-6
    The Floating Ax Head
    One day the group of prophets came to Elisha and told him, “As you can see, this place where we meet with you is too small. 2 Let’s go down to the Jordan River, where there are plenty of logs. There we can build a new place for us to meet.”

    “All right,” he told them, “go ahead.”

    3 “Please come with us,” someone suggested.

    “I will,” he said. 4 So he went with them.

    When they arrived at the Jordan, they began cutting down trees. 5 But as one of them was cutting a tree, his ax head fell into the river. “Oh, sir!” he cried. “It was a borrowed ax!”

    6 “Where did it fall?” the man of God asked. When he showed him the place, Elisha cut a stick and threw it into the water at that spot. Then the ax head floated to the surface. 7 “Grab it,” Elisha said. And the man reached out and grabbed it.

    Right now in my life, I am seeing this which was given to me by a prophetic word way back in 2002 coming to pass, where was spoken over me these words, "You axehead will float." I had no idea what that meant at the time! But now 13 year s later, I am seeing with spiritual eyes what the axehead represents in my life, and indeed, what was weighing me down is being lifted off and completely out of my life!

    That Elisha needed only a piece of cut wood to cause that heavy iron object to rise and float to the surface of the Jordan, reminds me of how it was a piece of cut wood that Jesus was nailed to in order to free me of my sin!

    That the prophets were using borrowed and expensive tools that should any be lost or destroyed, would make them beholden to the owners---they would become bondservants to pay off their indebtedness---reveals to me how God desires that we be free of our own indebtedness, and so He has done ALL to free us of being bondservants to anyone or anything in Christ.

    I am completely free in Jesus Christ, even when I don't feel like it, or my life was in some ways handicapped by the devious plan of the enemy---I am still free and the enemy's tactics are now being seen as for nought, for the plan of God is for me to live, unshackled! Thank you, Jesus, for being my steady guide and seeing me through!

    It is because of this prophecy that I have used the name "Floatingaxe" at some Christian forum sites.
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  7. I suppose right now for me..its like being by the rivers of Babylon and weeping as I remember Zion.
    I want to be with Jesus but am stuck here.

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