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Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by violet, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. If i could live anywhere it would have to be florida. I have been there probably ten times in my life, and am planning a 10 day trip there at the end of the month. More specifically i would live in daytona, with nascar being right there, being able to drive right on the beach, which is perfect for me because i love to take my jetskiis into the surf, and i am taking them with me at the end of the month. And its a great time riding motorcycles around down there, the weather, the location, and the local attractions would make life great for me. Year round jetskiing would be one of the biggest perks!
  2. Florida! ( I can't tell you why)
  3. Laura!
    I don't like bugs either.
    The ones further north are not as big but have you ever seen earwigs?
    They travel in big groups just to torment me!
    They are on everything outside and I find them in the house and one day I felt a pinch on my neck and pulled off an earwig.I screamed then shivered for about an hour.
  4. That is a very tough question you threw out there Violet as I have been one who has travelled extensively , when I was young. I lived in many countries as well.

    I still like to travel but now prefer my own surroundings and my cats. My only desire is to see the Holy Land and then I will be happy.

    I love mountains and think of the most beautiful place I would love to live is Vancouver, British Columbia. I did live there at one time and ask myself .... why did I leave.? You have the mountains , the sea, beautiful parks etc. to me that is everything .... oh and no snow in the winter just rain.

  5. EWWW Violet...... I'm with you. I hate earwigs. Someone told me that if I get Cayenne Pepper and put some in a large bottle with water and leave it for a few days shaking it from time to time for the pepper to disolve a little in the water, then strain it through a coffee filter and put it in a spray bottle and spray your garden with that , that it sends the earwigs away . I tried it and actually, I haven't seen so many earwigs so maybe it works. The only problem.... don't get too close when you are spraying as it causes you to sneeze as I found out.:dance::dance:
  6. Thanks for the earwig tip, Dusty!

    You know I would live on King Edwards Island and there is even a bridge!
  7. Violet...

    Where is King Edwards Island ??
  8. Dusty, I'm laughing at myself!!!:dance:

    How about Prince Edward Island!
  9. You poor deranged, misguided people. Those of us who live in Florida spend our entire lives just trying to figure out how to get out and go...ANYWHERE. And you guys want to get in. :p

  10. Ohhhh , that's different. That's a pretty little island but ...,. no mountains.

    Actually.... Vancouver Island is prettier... Of course there are mountains.
  11. Is Vancouver Island prettier?
    I do love the mountains!
    I'll have to look that up, Dusty~:cross:
  12. Yes , Violet , It is prettier and Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and is a beautiful ... " very British".. City. A lot of British retirees live there. In the big old hotel ( forgot the name) they still serve high tea there just like in Britain. You have to take a ferry boat from Vancouver to get to the island and even the boat ride in itself is very scenic.:):)
  13. You make me want to go there even though I am afraid of deep water and boats.
    But I would get on one!
    You only live once!

  14. hehe.. I lived there...Plantation... for 1974 to 1983 I DO NOT have fond memories.
  15. WV.;)

    I love the hills and the changing of seasons. I love the peace and tranquility that you just simply cannot find in the city. I have lived in both rural and heavily populated areas and I'll take the sticks everytime!!!:D
  16. Is it west virginia, Preacher?

    I love Switzerland. My dad's been there a couple of times, and he said it is beautiful there and very safe.

  17. Sky, You should go there sometime. When I was young , I lived there , in Bern the capital and Geneva. It is a very clean and beautiful country. I spent as lot of time going to the swiss Alps and the views are spectacular. I think now it is a very expensive country.
  18. To live where I want to in this world I would have to slip the bonds of time. I would love to have lived in Kentucky and or the surrounding area in the post WW II eara. Beautiful country and a simplistic life were the truely important things of life like, morality, sincerity, integrity, family and God were still important in ones daily life. Before TV when these things were more than some sitcom punch line.
    When two people could make an agreement on a handshake and didn't need a reem of paper and 15 lawyers.
    When those in need got help from their neighbor and comfort in God rather than from some welfare state and a shrinks couch. When life was more important than posessions or power.

    Sincerely his
  19. My family is fortunate to have venues in several states where we can spend time on Chapel business and also just relaxing now and then. We can have 9 feet of powdery, white snow accumulation in February in one of our areas and a week later be walking on a white sandy beach in either Orange Beach, Alabama, or Marco Island, Florida...

    We enjoy the four seasons of the northern climate but appreciate the winter warmth of the south. A meteorologist recently mentioned that there are four seasons in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan... June, July, August and Winter... LOL.
  20. Really, why is that? I have never been to Florida~ I am the only American who has never been to Florida!!!:D

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