If you could choose....

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by violet, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. If you could choose....

    to live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

    And why?
  2. The great barrier reef, Australia.
    I Absolutely Love sea life & reefs.
    And hot weather.

    I hope to set my own reef up sometime :)
  3. I'm honestly very happy where I live right now. I would love to travel more but I can't imagine not living in Iowa.
  4. Funny, I'm scared to leave the states.
    I love the mountains and valleys in Pennsylvania.
    My husband has a job where we can live anywhere in the world and he deals with people all over the world but I think I'd like to just go up one state to the prairies and woods of Wisconsin!

    If I had to pick somewhere besides the states, maybe Ireland???
  5. COLORADO!!!!

    Outside the States... Maybe Paris, or somewhere in Italy. I've been to Paris and while there I visited the country side very often. The Loara(I don't think I spelled this right:eek:) valley with all the chateaus! It's truly magnificent! The French country side is somewhere I could live.

  6. Why are you scared to leave the States Violet? Just curious...

  7. I have travelled a lot and lived in a few countries.
    At present we live in England.
    I believe one of the nicest places with a fabulous climate is the Western Cape of South Africa.
    Marilyn (my wife) and I would be very happy to retire there.
  8. Laura, I am the type who is happy and satisfied in my own backyard.
    I have never had a desire to travel!
    I'm the opposite of my husband~
  9. I'm one of those crazy people that loves to travel but then about halfway through any trip, I'm craving my home! I love to leave, I love even more to come home.
  10. I actually have traveled...only to Canada and many states and I enjoyed what I saw.
    I just have no desire to leave my home.
    Maybe I'm just strange!:)
  11. Kimme you are not alone. The extent of my travel is also Canada and I have also traveled out to the South West, Florida and states in between. I was suppose to go to Italy back when I was 19, but it didn't work out, probably best it didn't. I'm not crazy about flying or Cruise Ships. When I want to travel out of the country I go to the web. My wife and I are moving to South Carolina next year, I pray it is God's Will. My wife and I have prayed about this and we have found peace and what we have plannned.
  12. We are easily satisfied, hmmm, Tom?
    I pray it works out for you also!
  13. The mountains of Judea where I can build my own house haha :)
  14. I always wanted to build my own house.
    I should have been a pioneer on the American frontier!


  15. I was gonna say Ireland!!!!!!
    It's just plain beautiful there!;)
    My other choise would be Hawaii----need I explain!:dance:
  16. AAngel, yes, you MUST explain because to go to Hawaii you have to get in an airplane!!!

  17. Tiz ok Violet. After 25 years, I got on an airplane again! If you are talking about death, ....Sista! The Lord is with us girl! We are not promised tomorrow, could "go" driving in the car, crossing the street....

    Hawaii or bust!:D:dance:
  18. Well, I do hope you get to go to Hawaii. :):):)

    At least to visit.
  19. :D:DYou're funny...

    Please don't laugh but I think Hawaii, I see BIG bugs!:eek::eek::D

    Can't stand bugs! This is one of the reasons I want to leave Texas!


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