If you click on this thread, you must post!

Discussion in 'Sports, Games and Health' started by Jeffin, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Woo Hooo !!!!!:):):):) , I guess that would be me.
  2. Aw, not quick enough. :cool:
  3. Two types of gunfighters the quick and the dead!
  4. O.K. I clicked again.

    This is my post....this is me :goodpost:
  5. I'm a girl...I always get the last word :p
  6. whooooooosh....not so fast!!!!!
  7. I keep getting duped into clicking on this thread, I see new posts in it, so I click to read, and now I'm obligated to post. It's really a cunning scheme. ;)
  8. Hm... I wonder...

  9. Hey Azarias,

    You know that old saying??? ...... Curiosity killed cat.:D:D:p:p:):):israel::israel::israel::israel:
  10. Well, looks like I got got, so i guess I better put somethin up, So heres a gif I made for my sig, but I can't make it small enough to fit the regs and still be recognizable:
  11. Isn't this true! :amen:
  12. What can I say? LOL! :D
  13. And that's the truth. :mad:
  14. Hey Azarias...... What you mad at man ???:D:D
  15. Why I keep clicking on this thread to read all your random posts, and every time I do it as if it will accomplish something, and it never does. :D Like now, for instance.
  16. I must have turned on the wrong street back there and now I am here!
  17. Funny how that works.
  18. Hmmmm ..... No comment:D:)

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