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Discussion in 'Sports, Games and Health' started by Jeffin, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Since I've clicked let me leave with this verse
    "And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men" (Colossians 3:23)
  2. What did I miss?
  3. wow i clicked and read all 5 pages, *sigh* sure glad i didnt have toread 25 pages that would take a long time, *wipes brow* whew

    ok now i just posted, ;) hmmm whos gonu click and post again? *looks around*

    BrennaOnFireForGod :fish: :headphone: *listening to some worship music*
    <testify to love>
  4. It must be me!:eek:
  5. does mars have magnetic poles?
  6. hmmm idk *looks around to see if they do* hmmm i still dont know lol :p
  7. next time i'll come here undercover ;)
  8. i thinks i gots to remember what this post is cause i forgots what it was, then i started to read it and then well *sigh* here i am again posting ;) :p

    BrennaOnFireForGod :fish:
    hmm or is that PonyOnFireFOrGod? :shepherd: :fish: :israel:
  9. Umm This seems like an interesting topic.
  10. woooops i did it again, this is kinda fun :israel:
  11. I just HAD to click, so I posted! XD
  12. lol i just couldnt stop it, i saw mustardseed post and just had to see what she said, wooops i sure hope your a she if not im sooooooooo sorry

    i love reading mustardseeds posts well i love reading em all, :p
  13. Yeah, I'm a she, thanks for saying you like my posts... they aren't much compared to others.

    Hehe... and I posted because I wanted to see what you said.
  14. the temtation was to high, I needed to click :p
  15. In spite of the "rule" in the title I absolutely refuse to post on this thread HA! SO THERE!.......aw nuts:eek:
  16. Here I am posting again.

  17. aww thx mustardseed now im blushing now lol but i knew you posted so i just had to click again well im here again lol:p
  18. oh oh wooooops i clicked here by mistake :( now how did i do that?

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