if you ask God

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  1. if you ask God

    for example you ask God would it be ok to have 2 wives who both want this,would God approve.but if you don,t ask God and rebel instead of asking would you be lowered?is there any scripture to support this.
  2. Michael, it is a bit more involved than that. Scripture tells us that we MUST follow the earthly laws that governments legislate. Using your example, polygamy in most countries is not legal and the scripture for mandating us all to follow the law is contained in Romans 13:1-5 (KJV), or for English language clarity use Romans 13:1-5 (NLT). < Please click on these launch links for the texts and compare them. Once you understand what is being said, then perhaps you can answer your own question.

    If you ask God for something and do not receive it as you expect it to be provided and go ahead on your own to do what you have already asked God to give, that is very close to unfaithfulness. God works on HIS timetable - not yours. IF it is His will, it will be done. However, if He sees something in your request that you do not realize and that could harm you in some way, then His will may include passing that request by so you are protected. Please give that some thought and have faith in God's decisions.
  3. i ask this because Jesus tells us of moses and how he was given a consession from God.so to myself this gives myself a new outlook.
  4. That is a really good answer Pastor Gary. :)

    I agree. Follow the laws; if it is not legal, then don't do it.
  5. what laws not to cover,i guess our laws promotes covering,to shaft your neighbour because they are not cleverer than you.oops mentioned in the bible how we get shafted.:eek:
  6. I'm not exactly sure what you're speaking of...

    But, I don't wish to get run into the law. While some laws and rules and regulations in the world in each individual country may not be so acceptable, it is still a law.

    Even in the ancient times there was a law. Though, it probably wasn't like the modern law.

    The law is to keep everyone in check - even though people still attempt to get away with things, you usually can't do it for very long.

    There are many, many different types of laws.

    Read this article: Law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  7. human law is false,God,s law is eternal.
  8. I can understand you saying God's law is eternal, but I do have to say that when Christ returns there won't be any need for law.

    The law that human beings created was not because it looked pretty or was some kind of "fad" among people, but it was nessecary in civilizations to establish order and justice.

    If we didn't have laws, people would do whatever they wanted. That would mean there wouldn't be any system of government, we would follow our own rules. Murder would not be considered wrong, nor rape or stealing. Or any other crime.

    And, the United States law is based off of the Christian law. Just read the Declaration of Independence.

    While our law is becoming less of a justice and more open to things that I consider sinful, I still have enough knowledge of the consequences of breaking the law.

    I'll see if I can find a Internet based copy of the Declaration of Independence.
  9. sorry you talk rubbish.the further you walk from truth the eviler it gets.we have schools to teach truth,this world wants worldly laws to continue.Jesus saves not laws of humans,and if JESUS saves as i know there is no need for laws,they are extinct like the evolutionists.
  10. If it seems I talk "rubbish", then what am I suppose to talk?

    I am not walking away from Truth. If there is something "bad" about the law, then please point it out to me.

    What this world wants is really no laws at all. I know they are trying to make child-adult relationships legal.

    Of course the law is not "perfect" or nessecairly "truthful", but we still do need something to keep countries straight. I don't want to see murder become legal and O.K., and I'm sure a lot of other people don't either.

    So, I will not argue with you any further on this subject.
  11. you don,t understand,when with Jesus all human laws are rubbish.because followers would only break stupid laws.so instead of law show the world faith.:)
  12. human laws are only there for sinners,if you believe in Jesus and follow his word,human laws become not important,and the laws that do are stupid to followers.:)
  13. Of course they are.

    We should show the world faith, I understand what you're saying, I was only pointing out the others.

    I was looking at a article on genocide; makes me wonder if when the Antichrist comes and he starts killing Christians for their faith would that be considered genocide...?

  14. Michael dear, telling someone they talk rubbish will be taken offensively.

    What man in his right mind would want more than one wife?

  15. LOL.sorry if i offended.laws get to me ,lol.and yes 2 wives would be twice has difficult,only an example.lol.:)
  16. when he starts killing christians,he,s never stopped killing them.he can,t take over until we are stamped out.or fooled into following him by devious means.:mad:
  17. ok i will start again,if you are with Jesus God and the holy spirit,would they give you consessions.?:)
  18. Mike the answer could be yes or no. Sometimes God says yes but the results are never good, it is best to follow His will.
    Look at Hezekiah. He was a King of Israel who followed God with all his heart. When he was on his deathbed he begged God to give him more time.When God gave him his wish he fathered Manasseh who led the entire nation of Israel into idolatry and destruction. If only he had let God decide his posterity would have been a different result- whenever we do not follow God's will the end result is death.
  19. what about when in heaven and uncorruptable.?
  20. Just my personal belief Mike:
    When we stand in the very manifest presence of God almighty all we will want to do is glorify Him and do His will- this will be our greatest joy!:)

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