If There Was A Drug That Made A Person Moral...

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  1. If there was a drug that made a person moral, stopped all crime and unethical behavior, should this drug be used ?

    Would it be OK for someone to want to take it ?

    Would it be OK to force someone to take it ?

    This drug would eliminate all crime, all evil deeds, sin could be abolished almost over nite.
  2. Sin could never be abolished by a wonder drug. The sin that upsets God and defiles us is not on the surface Matt 15:18-19.
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  3. This will not happen because without Christ all is evil. They may figure a way to stop crime but who's morals would they go by? I would rather live by God's values or morals than the morals of this evil and corrupt world.
  4. I find this interesting, possibly cryptic. And I would have to start by saying that I disagree that 'all is evil'; I would agree that all was in "darkness" which could be considered evil but is more the absence of light (good).

    Let me clarify: 'in the beginning...the earth was without form, and void: and darkness was upon the face of the deep.' Then Christ entered in and 'Let there be light'. Darkness was conquered from the beginning. sin had not yet been allowed to enter in.

    The when God through Christ created mankind; 'and God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good' So at one point-everything was "good" in the eyes of God-including the state of mankind.

    So enter in sin; where did sin enter into this world from? Spiritually it fell from heaven through the iniquity of Satan, BUT man manifested sin physically by choosing sin over God. Free will was born (born of the spirit). Kind of makes you wonder about this type of baptism for Adam...but we know this was necessary to God's purpose.

    So did sin come by 'light'? No -that's still 'good' in God's eyes.
    Did sin come by Creation? Nope that's still 'good' in God's eyes
    Did sin come by the formation (birth) of mankind? Nope, that's still good in God's eyes.
    So where is the 'sin' problem? the 'heart' of man -it is our 'heart condition' that is evil/ wicked, blinded, deaf and in 'darkness'.

    Sin itself is completely unique to the heart condition of individual man; and when individuals become a collective of sin-sin abounds!

    God cursed the earth and child bearing for the salvation of mankind-else he would be left to stew in his own devices having no purpose.

    I think on Adam and how that must have been for him to be baptized into sin and become separated from God. How heartbreaking?

    From that point forward man-Adam was purposed in the glorifying of God; remembering where he had come from before his baptism-before his separation from God. Mankind was set on a course to 'work' in order to appreciate what God had done for him. Light, creation and life have never lost their 'goodness'. Only the heart of man failed under the influence of iniquity. But having no knowledge of the darkness would have kept mankind ignorant-and God has no pleasure in His creation to be ignorant. So sin, was allowed to influence Adam.

    God being God created Lucifer/ Satan/ 'The Devil' for this purpose as a vessel for destruction-and boy is 'he' mad about it. And he surely is doing his job influencing mankind through the ages-but ultimately 'sin' resides in the heart of each individual man. Sin itself is a product of the spirit, which is why we all need a Savior- because we are all born with it sin Adam.

    And since we are born with sin nature in our spirit-we must be "born-again" via the Holy Spirit so that we may come back together with God.

    God-the source of all 'good': love, truth, righteousness, light, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, faith -all conditions of the spirit. Man was born with the inherent capability of these, But God made it impossible to unlock them fully without Him. We are dependent on Christ for everlasting life. We get liberty-the freedom to choose to do right.
  5. Yea get me some
  6. Make sure it makes me feel great too
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  7. I'm not sure what you're getting after here, Chris. Are you concerned that we shouldn't take it because you believe drugs are categorically bad or something? If there was a drug I could take to rid me of sin, why wouldn't I want to take it?
  8. Why don't people 'want' to accept the Gospel? :(
  9. Mike, I assume you mean that to be a rhetorical question. I think Chris was asking if he thought it was "OK" to take the drug, as if we felt it would be a sin to actually take the drug. As I said previously, I'm not really sure what he's getting after.
  10. Yes his cryptic manner is a bit confusing-my guess is he is eluding to the application of the Gospel in one's life. I could be wrong...we'll have to see what his response is....
  11. Knowing me I would question if the drug did exactly what they said it did...Then if a majority of people did it, I would come up with a reason why it was evil and I would not do it...Because I have rebellion problems :)
  12. While it may be great to banish bad behavior from the world, it wouldn't fix our spiritual problem. God is not looking for a drug induced obedience, but a sincere worshipful obedience from the heart. In other words, he's not looking for a "Stepford bride."
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