if some one can, please help me.

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  1. dear Christian brothers and sisters i was a married but now i am separated, i am new to Christian religion and because of this conversion my previous marriage automatically finished due to religion Islam, i really need a partner for my happy life. if there is some one who is interested please respond me. thanks.
  2. Aamir, I think you have misunderstood the purpose of this site. This is not a dating site, but a site for Christian fellowship. This particular board is a place where people can discuss problems or issues with their marriage or relationship, not look for a marriage partner.


  3. Aamir, I am so sorry to hear that your conversion to Christianity has cost you your marriage. I hope you know that God sees and understands your hurt and your lonliness. Sometimes, though, God allows us to be alone with Him for a while so that we can develop a deeper relationship with Him, so if you do not find a life-mate right away, don't be disheartened. Are you living in an area where you are safe or can live openly as a Christian? If not, you may be surprised to know how many others are living just as you are, and there may be a man that God will place in your life who believes as you do. If you are safe, you can live your life openly as a Christian, and others will see who you are and what you stand for. This will either cause them to be drawn to you or be repelled by your beliefs. Either way, trust God to take care of you and your needs and desires. Honor Him first with all you say and do, and your focus may change so that marriage is no longer important. Give God a chance to work in you, and you will find a whole new life in Him. Blessings!
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