If Kids Designed Their Own Toys...

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Whirlwind, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. If Kids Designed Their Own Toys...

    I haven't seen this in years...but I just finished roaring in laughs!!!


  2. I cannot see the pictures D.
  3. Bummer!:(

    Pretty much it shows kids' drawings of the toys they want and then how those toys were made into real objects.

    Funny thing is - the real toys are EXACTLY like their drawings. The girls' dolly looks hideous, the wagon has wheels that don't match, the rocket ship is all crooked, and the wagon is just...well, it's just unique.:p

    Can anyone else seem the pictures?

    Anyway - here's the link:

    Lady, That's My Skull: MAD Magazine: If kids designed their own Xmas toys
  4. Cool

    But that side story about how to pick up dames doesn't help me at all. Oh well, gonna just have to do it the old fashioned way, with my charm, charismas, and good looks

    Rooster: In other words, you are screwed

    Donkey: Big time
  5. Ahh another personality Bana- perhaps this one will like the toys- LOL!

    Nice link D thanks.
  6. Bo - as long as I've been here, I still don't understand the donkey rooster thing...?:confused:

    Is it just like flying right over my head or what's going on? Hee hee:D
  7. They're his alternate personalities...like the two angels that supposedly sit on our shouders...everyone needs a good peanut gallery.:D
  8. *smacks himself on the forehead*

    Of course!:D

    Mine's names are Bill and Ted.

    Bill: I'm Ted.

    Ted: No you're not!

    Bill: Yes I am.

    Whirlwind: Oh, no...:(
  9. ^^^ The rooster originated because I was in denial. So he crowed (like the rooster in the Bible when Peter denied Christ). Eventually, he just became a bit of a conscious for me on the board. Helps me to break out of my routine so to speak.

    The donkey is Balaam's. He is new, but his job is to prevent me from crossing any lines. He's not as cynical as Rooster, but he doesn't budge as much either.

    And I call them rooster and donkey, because I don't think anyone would understand why a c*** and and a** is telling me how to act. @_@
  10. :eek:

    Okay - got it. Thanks, Bana. Hee hee hee:D

  11. See...your solution is very creative...

    I just talk out loud to myself...alot:eek: I get a lot of weird looks too....but it's the best conversation I could have...someone always agrees with me, and the others just end up making peace before the end of the day. I

    figure that as long as I don't have different voices coming out to play each of the characters, I'm okay.:D

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