If Jesus Christ Were Coming Back Tomorrow At 12;30pm... How Would You Be Living?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by autumn oddity, May 14, 2013.

  1. I know this question is pretty simply...maybe even basic... but it's been on my mind alot, b/c he could come back two minutes from now... and I just want to be ready. And I haven't been blatantly sinning... it's just I feel like Im not doing enough, I just wish i could feel this peace..like I'm 100% for God, not lukewarm or just alittle warm..but hot for God. kay, Like i try to meet God in the morn @ 5' or 6, and its usu 6 XD hah lul..and I try to read and study throughout the day, I get distracted at times..but i try .. and idk I feel I should do alot more : / ...anywhoozle... how do you spend your day..and if Christ were coming back tommorow at 12:30pm what would you do and what wouldn't you do? :) thnx for all who reply ^^
  2. I'd still be a dirty rotten sinner;

    Cleansed by the Blood.

    Maybe I would be more vocal about the Lord coming back-but seems like people just don't want to here it. I'd like to think I could do something miraculous-but it's not about me-it's about the LORD.

    I guess we know we are succeeding when we are about to be persecuted in the name of the Lord like the disciples....
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  3. I will split all my possessions amongst the unsaved I know, on the condition they endure a two hour bible study from me :p.

    I often come into my house and seeing nobody assume I missed the rapture. Very scary feeling indeed! It is really important to daily judge ourselves and humble our hearts. They get hard so quickly these days.
  4. Just as I am today..........In great expectation!
  5. Honestly if I knew? Just as Isaiah I'd be undone, I'd be in fear and trembling. I’d be prostrate for the next 24 hours too ashamed to lift up my face from the ground. I’d be in unceasing prayer and repentance crying; “God be merciful to me a sinner!”. Actually I’d probably die before He even got here from dehydration, I’d cry until there wasn’t one drop left.
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  6. Pretty much the same, but I'd be screaming to everyone that he's coming and I'm here to help him be their savior.
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  7. I actually do wish we knew the day. Not that I need to prepare, rather that I can stop worrying about the things of the world like school fees and retirement funding :mad:.

    Think how little stress we will have knowing that next year July, Jesus is coming. Those that believe all the false predictions must really be upset :LOL:.

    hehe, like the screaming idea.
  8. I know one thing........I would not pay the upcoming mortage bill.
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  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it the rapture that will happen before Christ's second coming? :/
  10. Depends on your view of 'timing' for the "rapture" and the circumstances. :D

    Let's not go down this road again though; I think we have lost a good many threads on that subject.
  11. I could say more scripture based but I will zip up :)
  12. Yes!

    That is the "Pre-millinial" position.

    1 Corth. 15:51-59
    1 Thess. 4:15-18
    Matt. 24"21
    Jude 14
    Rev. 4:1
    2 Thess. 2:1-12
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  13. I agree BUT it is not the subject of the Rapture that has ended threads. IMO, It is the attitude and confrontational position of those who disagree.

    That is not you DRS. I respect and appreciate your thoughfulness and ability to communicate in a Christlike manner.
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  14. Whether we're talking about the Rapture or the Second Coming, or the timing of these events, the point remains the same, IMHO. If I knew that the Rapture OR the Second Coming OR that I would be run over by a truck in the next 24 hours, my response would be, from a spiritual standpoint, the same. I would ask God if He wanted me to do something different that day. Going in to work would seem pointless, but there is ample opportunity to put faith into practice and to serve and bear witness of God at work, so even keeping my normal routine for the most part would not necessarily be a waste of those last hours. More and more I'm coming to realize that we waste so many opportunities because we despise the mundane.
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  15. Very very powerful statement right there....I think we do underestimate the opportunities that we come across during our day to day routines.
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  16. whoooo , I know it, lol same here XD
  17. Me too :), i appreciate everyone for answering as well... another reason for me asking this is b/c I might be going on dorm..and the college Im going to is like... the sequel to Eden lul. And while I'm away I want to stay focused on God and continue to be watchful and whatnot ^^

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