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  1. Idolatry

    I'm looking for advice about this. Is there a test for ourselves to see if we are putting some things ahead of God in our lives? I've noticed things creep up in importance. Is it to fast, like a food fast for a few days to deal with the desire for food, or a few days without the internet, or TV etc? (A few days without going to work shouldn't be a problem:)). Or are there other ways?
  2. I think the best test is to ask ourselves "If God were to ask me to give this thing up for Him, how willing would I be to do so?" and respond as honestly as we can. If we would have a problem with anything, we need to ask God to help us sever the ties to that thing. That may or may not mean actually giving up the thing involved, but it definitely will mean deposing it from God's throne in our lives.


  3. Indeed- we should be willing to trust all we have into His hands and lay all at His feet.
  4. Who or what is your #1 prority? What captures your heart?

    Luke 12:34. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

    Good Day and God Bless
  5. Idolatry

    Idolatry. By Bible definition it is faith in something to bless you or do you harm that is not God. An Idol was always defined as something you worshiped and put faith in, such as a statue, Wood Carving, Rabbit's Foot, Horseshoe above the door, ETC.

    An Idol would also be defined by the faith a person has in that Idol. Do they believe that Idol can bring the luck? Make it rain? Give a Job promotion?
    Having statues, candles, ETC laying around the house does not make them idols if no faith is being applied.

    Watching to much TV, Video Games, ETC....... would not be considered Idolatry as normally that person does not pray to these things or expect these things to bless them, taking the place of God as the provider and the one that blesses.

    To be in practice of Idolatry, then something Else besides God is a provider and can hear your prayers or request. That is very serious if you call yourself a Christian.

    If you watch to much TV and know you need to give God more place in your life, then the cares and lust's of other things have entered in and is Choking the power and effectiveness of God's Word in your life. This is not Good, but not the SERIOUS act of believing in another god and not in the one true God.

    Be Blessed everyone.....:)
  6. I think this is a great idea Hrt4Christ.

    I think that I will take this challenge and give up one of my favorite TV shows that I feel I absolutely cannot miss and spend that hour with the Lord. Is this what you mean?

    Blessings, Cheri
  7. I will be doing this...thank you so much LG.

    I want the Lord to know that He is everything to me!

    Blessings, Cheri
  8. I would add that idolatry is not simply "where you put your mind most." Otherwise every good workman would be an idolater. Rather, it is what your worship. But what you worship does not need to be what you bow down to. The most common idol in this country is money (or things in general). We don't bow down to it, but we do trust it. That is how you tell an idol. That doesn't make money bad, but if God took away, say, our job that paid well, so that we didn't have "extra" money - would we be completely shattered? Would we act as if "our god had been destroyed"? Of course we might be concerned if we had trouble providing for our family, but if you had to sell your luxuries, would your life "be in ruins"? If so, then that might be your God. If you would be content (not happy - I said content) to let them go, and say, "The Lord gives, the Lord takes away - blessed by the name of the Lord"? If so, then your riches are not an idol.

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