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  1. Idea

    Sometimes i have an honest theological question . but it might be tricky to post in the open forum because of different spiritual maturity levels and religious traditions and stuff . and i'm not being snobby . i mean some questions are easier for some than others to look at . and i don't want to confuse anyone with some of my questions .. inadvertently .

    and i realize maybe i'm asking this more for someone else than myself? but not sure who .. but just a hunch .. but say other people had similar questions that seemed awkward to post in the open forum .. are there people on staff that don't mind being a sounding board to help us find our bearings?

    just an idea .
  2. Can you be more specific about how staff can be of a help?
    I understand what you posted, just not this part -

    Can you be more specific about that, please? Just so we can understand! Or just so I can understand!
  3. sometimes when i get a question that lands on a less familiar conclusion or in unfamiliar territory . sometimes it just helps to be able to ask the question . and talk about it for a bit . usually after a while i get the idea of what God meant by it .

    but with some of these questions they may not be seem so productive to ask with such a broad audience viewing .
  4. So from what I understand, you would like to keep your thoughts to a minimum audience?
  5. no, not really . it's just some of them are wierd and imply stuff that might be considered false teaching by some . but they seem to stay within the bible and its context and the core principles .. so not sure . i think (now that i think about it) i just wanted some assistance thinking the thoughts through before posting .
  6. If you are having a problem with something and need spiritual advise what to do, I think you can PM staff, if I understand that correctly.

    But to ask about all kinds of things just to discuss them, it would take up too much of their time and would not be the thing to do

    There is a private section here that alot don't seem to get involved in
  7. The thing is with me theological issues impact my inner being profoundly . i know it may sound weird .. but already crossed that river, that sea . can't turn back .

    Maybe when a chat feature is implemented .

    But it was just a question . i get the feeling now that i've asked it .. perhaps it was for someone else . but if something like that is available . i'd like that too .
  8. I agree. Michael - Try PMing HisManySongs or maybe even Jeff. HisManySongs is not going to be on this weekend, however. But I'm sure if you send him a PM, he will definitely respond to you!
  9. We do have a chat service. Just, staff members are never on it anymore. My life has become so much busier since Jeff first installed it!

    Since you brought up concerns, and brought up a chat service, maybe we'll start it up again :)
  10. That would be so cool .

    thanks for being so thoughtful :)

    Guess i'll go wander off again . maybe i'll write a book of questions just for fun .

    i love to write . and to live in questions . but some of these are just plain wierd hehehe .

    i guess some of them bug me too . and i'm not sure why .. they didn't before .

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