Icons and Prayer Ropes???

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  1. Euphemia, why are you so insistent on attacking Catholicism? What exactly is your intention? I understand that you don't agree with it, or even that you really hold an issue to it (which is fine -- I hold issue with Protestantism to its core), but why do you insist on attacking it, in a forum that forbids this sort of activity no less? What are you trying to gain from it?
  2. Marian devotion is not biblical, and it does not translate to a hang-up on the part of the Christian who knows this. Talking to, or entreating, or praying to anyone but Jesus Christ our single mediator between God and man, is a travesty. He is our all in all, and no one can compare or should be in competition with regard to prayer and petitions. Only Jesus is our go-between.
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    I am not attacking anything, and you need to tone down your language concerning my comments...but I do bring it to the reader's attention as long as this thread is open and about this topic, that the rosary is an unnecessary accoutrement to pure prayer and worship of Jesus Christ. Repetitious and rote prayers are not God's best, nor is it His design for us in order to have an intimate relationship with Him.

    It is not my gain to express the simple truth of a matter, but Jesus Christ Himself is glorified by the proper dissemination of the truth.
  4. Jesus never prayed a prayer over and over. God hears us the first time---and answers.
  5. He did in the garden of Gethsemane. But praying the same prayer over and over isn't for the sake of making sure God hears us -- in fact, we already know he hears us before we even speak or think our thoughts to their full sentences. It is an act of persistence within our faith. Why else would we sing hymns with repetitive verses?
  6. Jesus didn't repeat Himself over and over again. He did not set the example for which the rosary has been devised by men. The "Lord's Prayer" is not a prayer we are to recite, but it is a pattern we are to follow in our approach to God in prayer.

    God is blessed when we have faith and speak to Him once concerning anything, knowing that His will shall be done. When it comes to worship, He can never be blessed enough by our praise. Even the heavenly creatures sing out continuously over eternity, "Holy! Holy! Holy!"
  7. Why are we not supposed to recite the Lord's Prayer? Granted, I do agree that it serves as a pattern as to how we pray, but we are we not supposed to also pray it word for word if we wish to? I've honestly never heard that before.
  8. Jesus gave that as a pattern for us to follow. It wasn't meant to be recited word for word. If one wants to, there is no harm in it, but the point is we are to pray LIKE Jesus did, not word for word what Jesus prayed. Jesus said, "This is how you should pray," and not, "This is what you should pray."

  9. I think that takes it to a very strange direction. There was never any rejection of praying the Lord's Prayer. Where do you see that it is condemned? Why would it be condemned?

    Jesus never did anything on earth that he would then tell us to refrain from doing. Many people especially love the Lord's prayer because it is His words, and that is a pretty good reason.
  10. Who said anything about condemnation?

    Jesus was teaching us how to pray, not what to pray. He wants us to use our own words and to speak from our own hearts.
  11. If both of you would stick to the scriptures only it wouldn't be perceive as attacking. Can we move on or end it?
  12. Actually the real Lords prayer is found in John 17.and it would be profitable for any one to see how the pattern of what is called the Lords prayer it follows.
    The praying in the garden of Gethsemene was repeated three (?) Ti

    Times. But it exactly.
    The objection is the rosary and the meaningless rota of words that mean nothing and produces and in fact echos the practices of Islam and Hinduism and bud ism et all .There is nothing in scripture for its justification or practice.
    But men and women raised up in that error will not repent of their error until they hold God and the scriptures to have more authority than the Roman church and any 'bishop'
    In Christ
  13. I will stand by what I have already said but will reply to your comment that it will do new born good and indeed strangers to go and "search" the scripture so "quoted " for themselves.
  14. Because the snake or serpent speaks of sin already judged.
    First in heaven, then in the garden of Eden and in shadow by cavalry etc,
    "He who knew no sin became sin,that we through him might become the righteousness of God. "
    They were healed and forgiven because their sin was already judged,
    "As moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness so shall the Son of man be lifted up..., "
    The very fact that it was it was not a lamb slain and lifted up should make us think more deeply as to why that was not and why a serpent.
    A word search of 'serpent ' would also be profitable in the light of it

    In Christian

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