Ice age?

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  1. Ice age?

    well as you know the CO2 levels in the atmosphere are rising swiftly caused mostly by industry, oil (petrol, gas, coal, ect) deforestation, ect. The worlds warming up and changing, the US, China, Japan and Russia make most of the population and by doing so cause many droughts, floods, storms, hurricanes, ect as well as causing the polar ice caps to melt. Put simply white reflects light and radiation back into space, water absorbs it.

    When the temperature raises enough the Gulf Stream will stop, the ozone gasses will become greatly weekend by the CO2 levels and stop light and radiation refracting off the atmosphere that will bounce into space instead of back at us. Because of this the temperature will fall and we may enter into another ice age.

    Lets hope the scientists are wrong!
  2. Those so called 'scientists' who adopt the man made global warming scenario are in the minority and are making this a POLITICAL issue for their own political and financial gain including the perpetuation of their research grants and book deals.

    May I please mention that volcanic venting throughout the earth causes more so called greenhouse gasses in one week than all the 'so called' man-made polution of the same type can do in several years. These hot and cold earth cycles have been taking place for countless millions of years but MAN is HERE this time to witness it and MAN has decided that HE is at fault. This flawed science is what 'environmentalists' cling to as their bible and want everyone to know that it is SOLELY MAN that is responsible.

    The earth is STILL coming out of an ice age from roughly 16,000 to 18,000 years ago. This time line is insignificant in earth's history, but to MAN, with his 90 year life cycle and lack of objectivity, it is a long time. This is nothing new - glaciers have melted and reformed countless times in the past, continental drift has released magma vents and volcanic eruptions in the past and MAN wasn't here with his computer and 130 years of 'official' weather data to compile man's authority on the subject. MAN is not a large contributing factor in what is happening to earth's climatology, but the self proliferating 'environmentalists' have nothing better to do than to CREATE bad science to justify their existance and to continue to get their 'grant' money to perpetuate their cause.

    There is NO scientific concensus regarding this issue - NONE. The only persons who are yelling at the top of their lungs about this and whose voices are the loudest, are those who will gain from the flawed science.

    For those who still believe in this cause, look at the science YOURSELF. Do the research on your own and make an honest attemt to see exactly where this junk science about man's fossil fuel causing this is coming from. Don't be a follower and be won over by the environmentalists garbage... be a leader and get the true facts yourself.

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