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  1. I am developing on-line bibles at the website


    which are designed for screen display in the church, bible study class, and personal fast reading. Each bible contains about forty thousands links. With a single click it displays a chapter of any bible books. Another click goes to the required verse, and from any places a click will return to the bible index. The font size is adjustable for display purpose.

    It can search up to six versions and languages of bibles for comparison. Preachers and bible scholars can make use of this tool to get the necessary bible material to prepare sermons and reports.

    I plan to extent the website to include all major Asian and European languages, including Greek and Hebrew. A project like this needs help from many people. Please suggest and help.

    Bible Editor - holybibles@hotmail.com
  2. Let's hope they use the authorized King James Bible in those different languages for comparison.
  3. Amen!

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