I would like to own a pet cockatiel =) but ...

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  1. Like, i want to own pet birds (3, a cockatiel, budgie and love bird) in the future when i live on my own, i even made a list of names i had in mind for them like: hammie, taters lol and cherry cheeks for the cockatiel. The thing is, as you know we are in the last days and im not sure how to do what God's call on my life ( missionary, not sure if thats a real busy job) and take care of 3 birds, both are demanding and i dnt want 2 neglect the birds or put them before God. So what should i do?
  2. Do what I did when I needed a pet to keep my sanity, lol. I really did need her and God gave me a wonderful kitten (now a cat) Hane (Ha-neh). I prayed and cry-prayed to Him. My life was falling apart and I needed a reason to come home everyday and take care of something. For a long long time I wanted a puppy, just a small one to take care of. I did all the research necessary to find out if I had the personality to care for him or her and the energy.I was working full time and I knew I was not going to be home a lot for this new energetic creature. I felt sad, but like you stated in your post, I didn't want to neglect the puppy. So I researched on cats. My personality fit wondrously with them and they were also therapeutic to my needs - it couldn't have been more perfect!

    I looked on the SPCA website to see if anything fit the profile. It's not the same as just going there to see if there is a connection. So I went over there with a friend. It was like God sent her to me. She loves to be held and she's a quick learner. I can honestly say she's lightened my heart a lot since rescuing her.
  3. I don't think you can really assess anything until you are settled in your new place and direction in life. Then as Christine suggests, do some research and consider what fits in both with what you may like as a pet and your circumstances/life style. I can't really comment on birds as most we have had have been short term rescue jobs... Dogs vary by breed (eg. border collies are very demanding - they need loads to do and I think are very headstrong) but all need walking and want to do things with you. Cats can be very independent, coming to you for a bit of fuss when they want it. The cage needs cleaning but I'd say our ferret is pretty low demand. She enjoys her playtime where she seems more interested in finding new bits of mischief/things to investigate than with me.
  4. Sounds like Hane and your ferret has a bit in common in the "investigation" aspect. It's weird though, when I'm in the house she loves to get into trouble. I know it's a demand for attention, and I do play with her. When I'm not in the house she behaves so well. It's like she gets overly excited when I'm around, lol. She's so cute.
  5. Thanks you guys, i'll wait till im mature in christ then pray abt the pets. Thanks you guys u were real helpful.
  6. Hey girlie..when owning any kind of bird..you have to keep their cage exceptionally clean or else they will get sick and some birds live for a very long time, even cockatiels do..I have one and he's 13 years old already.
    Good luck girlie!!
  7. I think our cats are just plain lazy (although they do need a fair bit of sleep but perhaps not as much as a ferret who can sleep 16-18hrs a day) most of the time - especially this time of the year when they mostly prefer indoors to outside. Here is Worthy this morning.


    Might get him to play with a laser pointer this evening though - he likes that.
  8. Awww! I could just cuddle him!
    Here's Hane

    She's a calm and friendly kitty, but still get into trouble! ^^
  9. Worthy is not in to being picked up and cuddled, is quite a handful to carry (he's big) and he hates being sat on someone's knee. Other than that, although nervous of strangers, he is pretty good natured with humans and he would let you stroke his tummy when he is relaxed as in the photo above.

    Thanks for showing me Hane. She looks lovely!
  10. Yikes! >.> I will remember that!
  11. He's agreed to pose while being carried for you.

  12. Lol!! cute! All bug-eyed [​IMG]

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