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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Jesus Freak, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. Okay, since it seems like when I try to put the fire out with my calmness, I get bit in the butt. Meaning that I try to get you guys to not fight anymore in all threads, I get told not to.

    In the "How To Act Like A Good Christian" thread I basically told people not to fight and someone who shall remain nameless said,"yes your highness" like I am king around here. I'm not king. Never have been, never will be.

    No more will I say "be good" to you guys in anymore thread. I am going to let you fight it out. And if that particular thread gets locked, then good.

    Also, I'm not going to post anymore threads like this. I don't need to keep announcing what I'm going to do/not do. End of threads like this.

    Put up your dukes and fight it out in any thread you are fighting in. Any questions, please feel free to ask.
  2. Thank you :) finally!!

  3. I know. It's been a long time coming.
  4. Look Dana, I had no idea you were that offended over the comment I made......I was tired of you trying to bully me and others around by telling peole to go to another thread. Lighten up OK ? I am sorry

  5. Whatever. You're not my boss. So leave me alone. And I wasn't the only one who said to go to another thread.
  6. Who tries to boss who around and stick their nose in with this lets just all get along or you can leave Garbage. David said He was sorry and was being respectful. Your a little brat, you know that Dana, grow up. Your Comment..... "Whatever" is of the devil and just a sign of this ungodly youth that is in the World. Whatever, whatever, whatever........ Even my kids don't get away with it, but then again they know better and would never say that to anyone.
  7. Dana, I think most don't know you well enough. I know you mean well!! My advice would be for you to not make statements like this. I understand you are upset. But rather allow yourself to be lead by the Holy Spirit. I think you (like me many times) are guilty of posting before praying. Some of the flesh is spilling out in pride. Stay humble, kind and loving brother! Be the Christian when nobody else is.
  8. @KingJ I am not doing it anymore. I know you and some others are wanting me to, but I can't. It gets out of hand. But I AM going to be the Christian that I know I am.
  9. One last time, guys:

    I, Dana Covert am not going to intervene and get people to be good anymore. I know that fights(discussions ) break out from time to time on forums. So, I am done with my bossiness.

    And please don't ask me to stay the boss type around here. I'm letting the moderators handle it as they see fit. They have had to lock 3,4 threads this week because they are seeing the fighting for themselves. So, just know I'm done with being as I like to call myself,"mr. Moderator." I am going to just be a friendly face around here, and that's it.

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