I was accepted to....

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  1. Elim Bible Institute!!!!! YAY!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  2. That is wonderful news!!!
  3. AHHH okay =] I just looked and saw my schedule. 5 classes. Very exciting!

    But anyways, this is what the schedule looks like:
    Worldwide Perspectives/Missions
    New Testament Literature
    Hebrew Poetry and Wisdom Literature
    Evangelism in a Post Modern World - looking forward to that! :D
    Theology I
  4. I'm looking at the class descriptions. For Student Ministry, this is what it is:
    I AM SO EXCITED. That's what I want to do!!!!!! :D
  5. Thats a great way to minister ! Congratulations!
  6. May God sharpen your mind and grant you understanding and wisdom in your studies.
  7. Congradulations, you will do well.
  8. wow how nice! congrats! :D

    God bless you! :)
  9. Awesome!!! I'm halfway through my exegesis class right now. The last four classes were all history-type classes, but exegesis is what I enjoy the most, so I'm like a kid in a candy story right now!!!
  10. I havent ever heard of this school but if it brings you closer to the knowledge,will and understanding of God I am deeply happy for you because I have been around Oral Roberts Students now for 4 yearsnow and one thing I love seeing is young men and woman of God get excitted about the knowledge of God.So I am really happy for you because the more you grow the more powerful person you become in the spirit and oh how we need this today.

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