I want to get married and be like this!

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  1. I want to get married and be like this!

    I would like to take the 2 becoming one flesh as much as possible...
    I watched this guy who spoke a msg about this and how its best to stop adultery before you even consider it..
    Like, if right now you and your partner are not considering adultery thats the time to worry about it..
    have open access passwords to things like email, look at each others phones etc and get involved in each others lifes, build a closeness and a trust that is unbreakable.
    Why should 2 married people need secrets from each other anyway??
    What part of 2 becoming one flesh makes you think you both still have individual lives???
    Lets face it, if our partners read our phones, had our passwords, we surly wouldnt use these things to cheat, cut all temptation off before it even becomes temptation, before you even think about temptation...
    Thats how I would want my relationship to be...
    I liked the idea of this guy, I cant remember his name but it was a GOOD speech
  2. yeah getting those bad desires deprogrammed from your flesh as much as possible is really important . before .

    because once you're married . you may notice that any sin virus remaining in your thought person in relation to either lust, anger, or control issues, has no respect for this fact . and it will become glaringly obvious just how pure you really are .
  3. I guess for me it would depend on the secret.

    My sister and I are very close, but there are some things I will NOT share with her because she tells her husband EVERYTHING!

    If it doesn't involve her or her husband then I see NO reason for her to tell him EVERYTHING!

    Just my two cents.

  4. A partner can still have a outside relationship without your knowing it and you still have access to their things.
  5. I dont think its about control, its about removing temptation and taking the 2 becoming 1 flesh and embracing it..
    Its about building a type of unbreakable trust, a unbreakable relationship..
    A type of closeness that most dont have...

    They did a study on it, they found that people who share passwords and their entire lives are far less likley to break up then they who have individual independent lives from each other..
  6. Amen Brother!

    I Totally agree with this as me and my girlfriend (shes my wifey lol) shares everything and dont hide anything from each other.

    You are one with her and whatever your hiding she`ll find out anyways ahahaaha woman insticts lol
  7. i like to think of it as a form of thought sharing . but yeah it's so funny when my wife asks a question based on something i was juuuust thinking 30 minutes ago ..
  8. I agree with you. For them not to have secrets about each other is one thing, but to tell something confidential about someone else I don't believe is right. There is no reason for that when it does not pertain to either one of them
  9. I take back this statement.
    I want what God wants. Im scared that its not what I want, but am starting to think it is.
    But now I am trying to accept that it may not be.
    So in short, I take back this "I want"
  10. surrendering what you want for what God gives you is great .

    you'll get something better you couldn't have imagined !

    bless you .
  11. Well, I want to get married and not to be lonely all my life... For 36 years of being alone.. Feel lonely and bored. NO one showed care and love... I can feel God's love but sometimes can't stop longing for someone to love me too... Sorry if i had posted this here. I just feel BORED today
  12. In the garden i see a space in our hearts where people fit .

    but also through the wisdom of Solomon a hole that only God can fit .

    that's what comes to me .

    hope that helps .

    will pray .

  13. Thanks... I am just like Adam, when he was first alone in Paradise... And God gave him Eve.. I will have my Adam too, in God's time.. :)

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