I want a family!

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  1. I want a family!

    I suddenly am incredibly excited to have a family.

    I wanna read to my little girl and my little boy from the bible and tell them how happy they make me, then put them to bed. Then be melted like ice on the sun when these little ones, my flesh and blood, look up to me and love me back. When they take my direction with an innocent wondrous pursuit of what's next. Then be off to my room to give my wife strength and even more glow by reading a planned message to her from the bible, then proceed to massage her and share our every thought until she falls asleep.

    This is gonna be AWESOME!!!

    But you know what - I don't have to wait! :eek: For now things are going to change in my home, I'm going to sacrifice and be more father-like, and help my mom out and take some of the load off of her!

    Please list the great things about being a dad and husband, even though it kills me to imagine them without experiencing them... :D

    And the best part......... I just KNOW it'll all happen if I trust God for it!!!!:eek::D:D:D:D:D:israel::eek::eek::D:D:D:D
  2. children are so innocent,everything to them is good.they trust completely.:)
  3. To everything there is a time and a season. There is also much work hidden beneath all that glamor!!! The Father will know when you are ready.
  4. If it isn't too personal a question for an open forum....... how old are your little siblings? (I only know the age of the sister that you are always asking prayer for.)

    I think it is great that you want to take an active interest in your younger siblings. Reading a bedtime Bible story and praying for them is a wonderful idea. You could offer to help them with homework. Pray with them before test days. Take them to the park. Play with them. Drive them to any activities they are in and stay and watch. There are so many things you can do as a big brother that will show them love and provide them with an example of how a man and father should be. :)

    Just don't be in too big a hurry in your own life to get married and have children. In God's perfect time it will all come together. As you spend time with your siblings, think about it as God's training for your future. It is actually much easier to be a big brother than to be a father. Take joy in your opportunity to form a loving bond with your siblings.
  5. My brother is 14. We're an independent family, we don't really go to the park together and such. My brother and I will listen to sermons together though, and he'll share his political stuff with me. He's 14 and he spends several hours every day educating himself on politics. :eek: Particularly US, history, current and future events, and how these things are biblical.
  6. It sounds like that would be a good Bible study for the two of you to do together. :)
  7. :pray: I am a mom; but hearing my son give thanks to God at the dinner table or ask him to lay hands on mommy and pray for me and he goes right into a prayer to God with awesome childlike faith or how about when he says "my Lord" when he talks about Jesus to another child or when he is sharing with mommy that other children don't "know my Lord"...my heart just melts.

    Our children teach us everyday to be more childlike and love Jesus as they do. It certainly is a joy to be a parent; I love every minute of it.
  8. but parenthood is not easy.
  9. It's best not to expect things to be a certain way, or imagine how it will be, because if it isn't like that at all it is so devastating. What we think is the ideal situation is often not the right thing for us and God will give us something the opposite, like for you maybe a wife that you just don't see eye to eye with on biblical matters, and your choice will be to fight and rebel and end up being miserable, or accept the situation as Gods will and use it as a growing environment, given to enable you to put to death the old self, but maybe never reaching that ideal that you were so looking forward to.

  10. This sounds to me like you want to live in a fantasy world. It's very easy to imagine having perfect children, a loving wife and everything you touch to turn into gold. Just maybe you might be that one lucky person for this to actually happen too. Good luck in your search for the "perfect" life.
  11. The OP isn't all that literal. I grew up in a far from perfect family of 5 kids. I'm the middle child. I know how it is. XD

    As long as we know not to expect perfection, why not speak the good and what we'd hope for?
  12. Oh man mark I am right there with you. I want to be a mom and a wife more than anythinggggg.

    Being patient is so hard!!!
  13. By the way I agree with Mark. Life is what you make it. If you work hard to raise your kids right, then they will be the kids you raised and there's nothing wrong with looking forward to that!! :)
  14. Yes having Children is a blessing from God; the Lord has given me two sons
    And three daughters. Very precious indeed, I have truly understood how our Father feels about all his Children by being a Father, How much patience we must have with them.
    But most of all we teach them, and prepare them for the world to come in their time of Choice. We love them we get angry at them,we disopline them,our heart gets broken by them, we forgive them and we let them go at a certain age, We guide them, in hope that all our teaching through Christ remains with in their hearts as they bear fruit for their destination.

    God bless

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