I Thought I Was Saved. Now I'm Unsure. Dealing With Fear And Frustration.

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  1. exactly .. Act 5:32
    many who are believers never did that ..
    you must live your life for God (do His will) ..
    and stop living your life for self (doing your will) ..
  2. I'm STILL in that spot! And I've been walking with God for the past 7 years. It still hasn't sunk in that the King of ALL Kings loves ME. Sure, I know He does, but it hasn't sunk in.

    It takes time, but you just gotta profess it with your mouth. "God loves me. I know this. God, help me to experience your love." Boom. Simple as that!

    Don't be ashamed. Don't be confused. Rebuke it. Those are from the enemy. In order to counteract those feelings is to speak life (or speak truth). You feel ashamed, correct? Then speak a scripture over that. God has brought NO condemnation on you. You feel confused, God is not a God of chaos.
  3. Jesus tells us in Mat 24:13 & Mar 13:13 that you must endure to the end (your death Hbr 9:17) THEN you can claim salvation ..
    He also tells us in Luk 9:62 (as well as Peter in 2Pe 2:21 & Paul in Hbr 6:4-6) believers who turn away (go back to a life of sin) are not fit for the Kingdom of God ..

    did you know at the end of Rom 10:9 it does not say "you will be" (saved) ???
    the added words to scripture by the translators gives a false idea that salvation happens at the point of belief .. which even Paul Himself refutes ..

    Hbr 5:9 And having been made perfect, He became to all those who obey Him the source of eternal salvation
  4. Banjo, what helps me is to judge myself!! 1 Cor 11:31 and Phil 2:12.

    Every morning I 'put on' Christ. Every evening I get on my knees and examine myself. This involves thanking God / counting blessings, repenting, forgiving all and just chatting with Him.

    I firmly believe that the many times we feel nervous before God, it is His doing. He wants us to examine ourselves and not lose focus Phil 3:14.

    Many who feel fine with God have created their own God. It is wise to live cautiously with God 1 Cor 10:12 So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don't fall.
  5. I think the key is in my illness of schizophrenia being the 'thorn in my flesh', where I must begin to embrace this type of suffering. In 22 years, I have gotten bipolar, schizophrenia, sexual addiction and a bad case of diabetes. I think if I weren't a Christian I've had given up by now.

    I haven't fully accepted the suffering of the illness yet. The common symptom of schizophrenia is that you don't believe what is real, you instead believe false beliefs. Delusions are very common with people dealing with schizophrenia. And this is true when you are trying to believe what is real. So no wonder I struggle. Try, pretend, to believe that there is an illness which affects your thought life. It can't be rebuked, it's not a demon possession or anything.. it's simply a case where communication isn't supported well throughout the brain. That's what I have. Look up this disorder on the web, the symptoms. You'll see these there.

    So, since this is a suffering different than my diabetes, which I know how to control and what the heck is going on, I have been thrown to the ground in understanding anything worthwhile about this. My reliance is 100% on God. And he won't take it away. I've asked more times than Paul did. Now is the time I must rejoice in my weaknesses. But more importantly, God's hand rests on me, and I am realizing that truth. I must change my notion of what kind of awesomeness grace holds for me.

    Please, anyone who feels led to, pray for those affected by schizophrenia and who don't know the Lord yet. It's the grand mal of all mental illnesses. But I'm starting to believe, by faith, that I will not be lost but I will believe where I am - inscribed in the palm of God's hand.
  6. Hmm...very interesting. I am curious, have you gotten more opinions from other doctors about these diagnosis? One of the reasons I ask, is because I have a hard time about doctors. They seem to always be trying to find something wrong with people. I tend to disagree with them because I have been misdiagnosed in the past.

    I've also heard of instances where doctors have signed peoples death sentences by telling them they have a certain time to live, and I believe the power of suggestion, coupled with the power of the mind can bring about said diagnosis/(death sentences).

    Also, I believe Words can carry power, like how The Word, Who became Jesus Christ, brought all things that were made into existence.

    Yes, I'm skeptical, and I sometimes wonder if people aren't speaking things into existence merely because a mere man suggested them. You see, man, in general, does make a lot of mistakes, and I see a lot of excuses made to justify them.

    I may be going off in some tangent here in your case, so of course I may be wrong. Just some food for thought anyhow.
  7. As for this thread topic. And these are my beliefs, and many will disagree with them.

    I too questioned being saved now. It didn't speak truth to my spirit, mind, and all that is me. I did a lot of careful searching and study. This is what I found.

    Jesus didn't come to save satans world. He came to qualify to over throw satan upon His return. Even the Jews were afraid Jesus came to take over when He came before. Jesus was the prime example of being born again, and one must die first, then be resurrected. Read . Here Jesus is explaining being born again, or salvation. He also said, (paraphrased) if you don't believe when I tell you about worldly things, how will you believe me if I tell you of heavenly things.

    See, I don't believe salvation comes until we pass judgment. Also, there are some that are saved, but they absolutely know God has called them. God has truly spoken to them, not just them 'thinking' God spoke to them. God is selective, this is evident by how he called Moses, the profits, etc. (again paraphrased scripture) No one can come to the Father, unless the Father draws him.
    Look how Jesus Christ called the apostles, He was selective.

    Here is another scripture , (an excerpt paraphrased) All the world(nations) have been deceived. Yes, all.

    We can be redeemed now.

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