I think i realize my point in being single

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  1. At this point in my life , 25 going on 26 , never dated or had a relationship of any kind... I don't want to say I'm supposed to be single because I still very very much want to be married..

    But I feel in this time, during my singleness, I should develop the talent God gave me...which is my art. I found that by worrying about being paired up as well as other worries..I forgot about it...and just stopped drawing...I've never stopped drawing for as long as I did...

    And I just want to redevelop that commitment I once had to it.

    I think that's what I should do during my time alone...
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  2. I don't want to be like my dad who had really amazing art talent and just did nothing with it. I want to do something with mine.
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  3. Awesome thoughts my friend. And sounds like some good goals. I think a lot of healing can come this way, because you will be able to find much peace.

    Blessings to you and your family
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  4. Autumn Oddity: There has been some very inspiring Christian books written about the blessedness of being single. I was single for most of my life and I accepted it and made the most of it as you seem to be planning to do with your art. It is good, however, to always keep the door open to possibilities that the Lord has planned for you in future. Someday you may find that you can be dedicated to both your art and someone very special in your life. It's all ahead of you. It is so good, however, that you are not allowing yourself to dwell on your singleness in an obsessive manner, but just letting yourself see what each new day brings. You are never truly alone when the Lord is with you, and you can take immense comfort in knowing that He is doing what is best for you right now in your spiritual path.
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