I sought the Lord, and He heard me...

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    ... and delivered me from all my fears. (Psa. 34:4)

    Had a family situation flare up last night that I just didn't have wisdom
    for. In my lack, I cried out and the Lord answered me even before I
    fell asleep. I slept in perfect rest, and today He is still affirming me in
    the choices I am being forced to make. (I wish I could give detail, but
    it's not wise, at this point.)

    This post serves to honor the Lord who shows His faithful
    love again and again to those who love Him and seek HIS way.
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  2. Awesome praise report! Praise God! Thanks for sharing this uplifting and encouraging testimony.

    Father, we just lift up Nanon to You. Thank You that she is Your sheep and she knows Your voice. Thank You for surrounding her with Your peace and strength. And for giving her wisdom according to James 1 in everything that she is going through right now. Holy Spirit, thank You that You are always there with her leading her and guiding her in the right decisions. Father, we give You all of the praise , for everything to work out for her good and Your glory. In Jesus Name, Amen.
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  3. I am so blessed by your prayer, Cturtle... thank you, and I add
    my hearty amen! Blessings to you!
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  4. Praise The Lord for answered prayers.
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  5. Can you detail how you sought him?
  6. Well, in seeking the Lord I first was at a realization that
    I completely lacked the wherewithall to deal with the situation
    in my family. In my weakness I made a choice to cry out to
    God from the depths of my pain and to receive His grace.
    When He gave promises (from His word) to strengthen me,
    I clung to them. Victory in this situation is to hear the voice
    of my beloved Lord, and to walk in His strength. And I see
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