I sorta jumped the gun...

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Tarantula, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. I sorta jumped the gun...

    I didn't see this section, so just started posting.

    I don't understand why non-christians aren't allowed in. As long as their content is intelligent, why should Christian be seen as closed-minded non-debators?

    Anyway, hey, I'm jez. Hope to find some interesting topics to flex my mind, free my issues and state my views.
  2. Hi T and welcome. There are many forums were Christians and non Christians can interact, this is not designed to be one of them. Instead it is intended to be a place where brothers and sisters can come and discuss their faith with like minded believers. It is meant as a place where one can be edified, encouraged and built up in God's Word and to share the love that is simply put the glue that holds the body of Christ togeather.
    Mnay blessings in Jesus wonderful Name, brother Larry.
  3. Hi Tarantula!:D

    Of course you do realize, don't you, that since you started posted without telling us howdy...you have to stand on your head now and say "Booga-booga-booga!" 200 times without stopping...?


  4. Welcome to the forum.
  5. Because every other Christian forum out on the internet is ruined with annoying atheists trying to turn Christians away from their faith. In my experience, its rare to see a non-Christian on a Christian site who can be respectful, but if you're one of the rare ones who are, there are tons of other Christian forums you can go to and do that in. This place is for Christians to fellowship with eachother, thats why we love it here.

    But welcome.
  6. I see your point. I shall now commence. *stands on head* "Booga-booga-booga!"...

    *A Little While Later*

    Now where was I? Oh yes. Don't get me wrong I've been a christian since I was 7.
    There are many atheists out there who merely need to be turned from THEIR religious doctrines and faith, but I understand if this place is not one of those places for that, I understand see your one and raise you two! I don't know what that is supposed to mean, or suggest, but... Whatever!
  7. Way I see it, Tarantula? World is full of non-Christians. They're everywhere. Seems like more and more every day.

    This is our nest, where we can land to rest from time to time.

    Excellent boogas!:D
  8. Lol, you have the same thoughts as me!

    Like everyone else said, I would have to give the estimate that 80 percent of the forums on the net that are Christian based do not monitor their non-believer members. As a result, you get pointless arguments over nothing at all - half the time, the 'athiests' post rude comments, and I agree with DaveS.


    Booga Booga!:D
  10. nuts...noone told me about the saying howdy thing when I joined...do I have to do few thousand retro-active booga booga's now????:eek:

    Welcome Tarantula:D
  11. I'd like to welcome you to the forum, and invite you, Tarantula, and Seekinghokmah, to Fluffy's Coffee House. Its in the Clubs and Ministry section. Its just a place to hang out, get to know people while you are finding your way around the forum. Enjoy![​IMG]
  12. Welcome to teh place where ur @. Welcome to teh CFS.

    It's teh place where He's @, so it's teh place where it's @.

    Sorry, this is also my place to be wierd.

    Remember The Lion King?

    Caaaan you feel the looove toniiight? Awumbaway Awumbaway....

    This place wouldn't have that (very important) feeling if it was crammed with heated, pointless, and offensive to some, discussions.
  13. Your booga's are building up.:D
  14. booga booga x 1000:eek: (blood rushing to my head)
  15. Actually...? :eek:

    Back when I joined, I didn't even come in here. I just dove right in. Then when I finally found this section, I figured it was too late.

    So my booga-debt is too far gone to ever make up.:rolleyes:

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