I saw my self as a little girl i a dream

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  1. please pray for dream interpretation...
    I am struggling wit assurance of my salvation. I asked God to show me in a dream that i am saved. Finally i saw this.

    I dreamed i was about 5 years old girl standing in that dress made out of flowers.. Someone pulled out those flowers one by one and i became naked. I was ashamed, Then magically i was dressed in the purple dress with golden strings on it. It was so beautiful. I was so amazed and happy.One little girl came, then another girl came up to me. then little prince a year or so younger came up to me.. I was speechless.... The most amazing felling of joy came over me.. i woke up... When i woke up i understood that that prince was Jesus.. July 27 2015 Eva R P.S. If God leads you to interpretation of a dream please let me know. Thank you
  2. Purple is the colour of royalty. Everyone who has received Jesus Christ is royalty.
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  3. Welcome Eva! Blessings of peace and grace be yours in abundance!

    When i read your post matthew 6 came to mind. And as i read euphemia's response it clicked. Read matthew 6:28-33. And see what you come up with.

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  5. @eva rakhuba, as i read a few passage in Isaiah today i came across another one that i felt as if God wants you to read. It's Isaiah 40:6-8. Your flower dress represents the way that you were before accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior. The purple dress symbolizes that you are now in God's royal family. But read the verses to make sure that what i said lines up with your spirit. Blessings
  6. Thank you, right on
  7. Thank you, right on
  8. Thank you, right on
  12. All glory goes to the Father :) for it is the Father who dwells within me who does the works :)
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