I said Christmas

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  1. I said Christmas

    This should maybe be in the humor section. It is a little comical. :D

    But how far away are we from this really happening? :eek:

  2. LOL!

  3. That's about the truth, isn't it?!
  4. That's not comical--it's sad and unfortunately prophetic. Christian children cannot carry a Bible to school or pray, or mention the name of Jesus except as profanity. I seriously doubt any child would be sent to the office for using profanity since that is certainly more acceptable to adults than the name of God or Jesus. When I prayed before eating in high school, my food was stolen while my eyes were closed. I simply got up and went and got some more.

  5. I absolutely agree.
    When I said, “This should maybe be in the humor section. It is a little comical.”
    I didn’t think anyone was going to move it to the humor section.
    I think Mark said it best. It is a little comical, but when you think about it, it is very sad.
  6. I remember once in school we had the bible in the library and we could read the different books of the bible and take tests on them for points :D I missed those days....
  7. I grew up saying the Pledge of Allegiance in school. They took that out too. Then experts who agree with that type of separation can't figure out why our youth today is running rampant, teen pregnancy is up, teen drug use is up, teen crime is up...

    They blame it on music or video games or even the parents but when push comes to shove, if our youth was given an environment where they grew up respecting this country and respecting their fellow man, things would be much different. My daughter is starting school and I am pleased to say she will be going to a Christian school and she can pray as much as she wants there. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with that type of opportunity for my children.
  8. You're right on the money with that one. The Education System is always #1 on my Prayer List.
  9. My friend that is miss information being forced on an unknowing public. Jay Sekulow at the American Center for Law and Justice has a gaggle of Christian lawyers who travel the nation forcing these uninformed school boards and principles that student lead and initiated prayer and bible reading is perfectly legal. He has taken cases as far as the Supreme Court of the United States and had victory.
    In some cases these poor folks are missguided and in some places they are just flat anti Christ- either way the law is the law and they have to submit- at least for now.
  10. Everyone here loves Christmas because they take it as a nice and peaceful time to buy gifts and receive gifts, and the nice decorations and so forth. So saying that here in Canada has no bad meaning.
    Same with easter, chocolate and eggs and rabbits. Both are pagan holidays either way, no wonder people love them :)

    But if we do say Jesus or God, people will laugh. :(!
    and say, "You still believe in that?"
    And if we say Happy Passover to someone, they say "What is that?" even the "Christians."

    In my country in Lebanon, almost everyone is religious so we all use the name of God and Jesus, well Christians, and muslims use the name of God only, which for them has been changed to Allah, and in Lebanese (Arabic) we say Allah for God.
    But this doesn't mean that people know who Christ is, they all have an idea, much better than here in north america, but still...

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