I remember when.......

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  1. I remember when.......

    Just add anything that you remember from your past~

    IRW (I remember when) gas was .29 a gallon!
  2. Yeah premium was 35.9 a gallon when I was in high school!
  3. IRW we called slides, sliding boards and used the wax paper from cereal boxes to rub on then to make them slippery again!


  4. I remember when at the age of 5 you could walk to the corner "Candy Store" to get "penny" candy and it was a actually a penny, and you felt safe walking alone.
  5. IRW when Paul Anka sang "The times of your life" for Kodak commercials and I loved them!
  6. I remember when;

    Penny candy only cost a penny.

    Gumball machines only had gum in them.

    Soda pop was 6 cents and that included a penny deposit on the bottle. Which you got back when you returned it.

    Doctors actualy made house calls for the sick.

    Coke was only a refreshing soft drink.

    crack was what you didn't step on to save your mother's back.

    King James was the only commonly known translation of the bible.

    the movies weren't so bad that they had to have a rating.

    the TV picture was in black and white.

    When being gay meant you were happy.

    Agreements were made and honored on a hand shake.

    The drug store didn't sell cigarettes, alcohol, and condoms.

    The gas station attenent actualy dispensed the gas and washed the windsheild for ya.

    Air and water were free.

    when boys got embarrassed and girld blushed.

    Sincerely Old
  7. Listening to the big console radio because no one could afford one of those new 1949 DuMont black and white, round screen 15 inch televisions.

    Riding on railroad passenger coaches pulled by steam engines. 1953.

    Seeing the very first Michelin radial tires imported into the US in 1954.

    Taking my first commercial airplane trip on a Douglas DC-3. 1955.


    The Statler Brothers had a song entitled, "Do You Remember These" ? - good lyrics...

  8. I can remember the attendant at the Spur gas station checking my dads oil, air pressure, washed his windshield and gave a free fancy drinking glass (eventually we had a large set) and then did something that is really rare today- he thanked us for our business.:D
  9. I remember the little corner store, when I was 3, and the big man always reached in the jar and gave me a free HUGE pretzel! I miss those days!

  10. IRW I thought that joining this forum will not mean I will be talking to all these old fogies!:D:D

    Just kidding...;)

    IRW I was still in my country and my paternal grand mother had an out-house for a bathroom! And I'm not even 40 yet...:cool:

  11. We still use an outhouse, Laura!!!!
    Just kidding!

  12. My Grandfather's house had an outhouse and my Grandmother cooked on a woodstove (till about 1975, when my Grandfather who was 80 made her get an electric because he was tired of chopping wood).
    I remember riding in my Grandfather's 1948 Ford pickup.
    I remember when the Seattle baseball team was called the Pilots.
    I remember how neighbors used to bring cookies when someone new moved in.
  13. I worked with a lady who told me when she was young she " lived so far back in the woods they used to pump in daylight" and their toilet paper was an old JC Penny catalog!
  14. Man , now I am really dating myself cause I can remember so many things.

    Ok , I remember when the milkman used to come up the street to deliver his milk bottles to the door, but wait there's more . He had a horse drawn cart..... LOL.

    I remember as a kid having to help my mom put the coal into the furnace.

    Oh and I remember the ice man who delivered big blocks of ice for our ice box ( refrigerator for those who don't know)

    I think that is enough for now....... to be continued cause Violet.... I'm on a roll.... Tee Hee.
  15. Good, Dusty~ I'm enjoying everyone's memories
  16. Another one........ I remember when we used to put our junk in the alley behind our house and the rag man with a horse and buggy would come and put the stuff up...... We used to call him the shenny man... don't ask me what that meant.

    I remember when we got our first TV.... It was black and white and had one station..... LOL

    Oh and I remember when we had ink wells at school and had to use those silly pens that you dipped into the ink well. And I had long braids and the kid behind dunked them in the ink well.

    Oh, when the girls wore crenolines and our skirts stuck out for miles and you had to starch them and hang them on the line. And they snagged your stockings all the time.

    When the boys wore white buck shoes and thought they were cool.

    I remember when we were outside playing all the time hopscotch, marbles , pick up sticks I guess the only game that is still around is monopoly. In the winter every one had a skating rink and we were out ice skating.

    The good old days.... life was not so fast paced and we walked to school and came home for a hot lunch that mom cooked.
  17. Yes, I remember my school was a mile away and some days I walked there and back all alone during the lunch hour! I would NEVER let my child do that now!!!
    I did walk to school with Dwight Yoakum in the mornings~
  18. I just had my 36th birthday I know its not that old but I have been doing a lot of Remembering when. Its weird I don't feel older just more mature? But I do remember when a quarter was something to have as a little kid at the store, to buy candy and so on.:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  19. Hey Pastor Rick.... You know you're old when you used to go to the candy store and buy penny candy..... LOL
  20. Well, I remember when the Reeses 2 pack was a dime!
    45's (vinyl records) were 2 for $1

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