I realized how much I love God

Discussion in 'Thoughts for Today' started by NearertoGod, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. I realized how much I love God

    Today, when replying to the thread Once saved, always saved?, I realized how much I loved God.

    It wasn't like hearts falling from my eyeballs, but I realized I don't want to sin because I don't want to hurt God. I love Him so much that I wouldn't want to have to know how hurt He would be if He saw me doing something bad for me.

    I've been having thoughts about doing things to make me feel like I'm loved because I feel rejected and unloved from the rocky relationship with my father and all. I haven't realized where this urge was coming from, but now I realize why I'm feeling like this.

    I realized I'm craving approval from men to substitute for the loss of my father. I don't even know if I love my dad, but there was never that "connection" I see other kids with. And, being female, I guess it's kind of just worse.

    I think at one point in my life I probably would have done what I've thought of doing, but I realized "Why would I do that? Why would I do something to fill up a desire that will never been filled anyways?"

    God has given me that loss of love. He's given me comfort, dried my tears, and listened to everything I've had to say. He's respected me as a person, not just a little dumb girl that's supposed to be your little "attention" magnet.

    God loves me for who I am, He doesn't just look at what I have on the outside and the material objects He's blessed me with. He's always been there for me and I never realized it.

    I also now know how much I love God. I think I never knew because I was reserved and cold, because I had to learn to create this barrier between me and everyone if they tried to hurt me. I never knew what true love felt like, until this all happened. I realized how much my mother, my grandmother, my birds, my dogs, and God love me. It's a special feeling.

    I realize that the love God has given me is as precious as a rare object. It's something prized and beautiful and hard to get, but once you receive it you'll never let it go.

  2. Near,
    Bless your precious heart.
    You are a very wise young lady in more ways than one.

    You keep that self respect and never let anyone take that from you.

    God has shown you something very special.
    You cling to that....

    I am very proud of you!

    Love, Violet

  3. Thank you soo much Violet.

    I'm sure God is very proud of me, too!

    And that makes me even more happier! :D
  4. i thought your beauty came from your words ,you have found true love,a love that loves you always,you have a perfect father .God bless you and help you love others this way.:shepherd:
  5. Thank you, smelly cat.

    My words can only express a tiny bit of the true feeling. The true beauty comes from deep within my heart.

    *Hugs* :):groupray:

  6. Oh, yes He is and I know how much you want to please Him...
  7. Yup, that's the most important thing to me...pleasing my Father! :D
  8. Never let go of God. :) Rock on, NearerToGod. :cool: God is so great. He's done a lot for me, too... He destroyed the lies I told myself and brought me the Truth of how beautiful a creation I am... how beautiful we all are... love is the beauty of the soul, and love for God (who is Love!) is the highest love we can have! So you must have a very beautiful soul. :)
  9. Thanks, ECC.

    I hope my soul is beautiful, and pleasing to the eyes of God. :D
  10. Dear Nearer,

    That is so precious. God bless you my sister. Yes the love of God is what sustains us through this life and I cannot fathum not having His love as so many on the outside do and how do they cope ? Not so well well as we can see .... they try to supress their feelings and hurts with drugs , alcohol and yes even perscription drugs that they become addicted to.

    Long ago I lost my earthly father when I was only 9 and it was very hard for me to relate to my heavenly Father because I never had an earthly father.and I was trying to do it in the natural but it didn't work. It took a long long time before I realized that God is a Spirit and I must worship Him in Spirit and In truth.

    Yes hurt does create a barrier like you said. I had a very hurtful marriage and when it broke down, I put up walls as well that I never wanted to ever be broken and for ten years have lived that lie. Realizing also that lie was from satan. But God in His mercy and in His timing and His healing has helped me to overcome those barriers. Now I am willing to accept others and love them because He first loved me. Yes I love my Jesus with an everlasting love. Because He lives , I can face tomorrow.
  11. Dusty

    I made this just recently.
    Do you know why I'm showing this to you?

  12. Thanks , Violet .....

    That is beautiful and yes you are showing that to me as a reminder of what I said ..... Because He lives , I can face tomorrow..... because He lives , all fear is gone, Because I know , He holds the future and life is worth the living because He lives.

  13. "We love him because he first loved us." 1 John 4:19
  14. Dusty, YES!!!


    And Thank You~

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