I preached a short message on a street today

Discussion in 'Evangelism' started by Jeffin, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. Yes. :D

    Oh and today I bought a video camera so I can record stuff that will be happening in future. Two of my friends are interested in doing evangelism together with me. I think God's going to take this to another level. I don't know how I can keep up. haha.

  2. :dance:

    I'm so excited for you I'm beside myself! LOL
    And now that you have others to be with you, they can film you along with the people around, so we can see YOU too as you preach! :smiley90:
  3. Another one today. I was impatient and could not wait till my friends were ready so I did this alone too: Preaching at State Library of Victoria | Jeffin Johnson
    I realized I need to update my knowledge about the Gospel so I speak it out fluent and ready whenever someone needs it. :)
  4. Jeff
    You inspire me! I love your enthusiasm :D
  5. Jeff, I am adding you on facebook, because you are sooo in to the Holy Spirit and I need that around me everywhere!!!
  6. Don't we all! :D
  7. I had a very tough opposition all the way from the start of when I planned this preaching evening. But I am happy I could push forward till the cops arrived and asked me to stop. When you feel no ones on your side and you are left alone to fight a battle, you act by faith. I got to experience a bit of that yesterday. What a day! God is good!! :D

    We won, nothing will stop us. | Jeffin Johnson
  8. You're bold. I had been wondering all this time if it was legal to preach on the pubic sidewalks, streets of Melbourne and a friend of mine said it was. But there may be certain places you need permission. He said like by certain churches or religious places. I don't know where else though.

    But if you asked everywhere you went, I wonder if anyone would give you permission. Just thinking out loud.
  9. It is illegal because I asked the cops and they told me that. They also told me I was annoying. That area has a lot of people looking for trouble and they probably didn't want anyone to start a scene. Anyway, I might go back there and just give away pamphlets. The devil will not stop me. :D

    Oh and today was my last day at work. I am hoping to get into full-time ministry and if that does not work, I might have to look for another job soon which I am hoping does not happen.
  10. Oh i bet if they couldn't nail you according to what you were doing they'd say it was late at night and you were disturbing the peace . boldness is good . pray to God to help you take the opportunity to talk to people when they come up to you also . because i've noticed people do come up to you to talk . which is a good thing .. and that doesn't always happen .
  11. Do you do anything else to reach people??
    Not bagging this out, but its good to think outside the box as well....
    You have a boldness many dont have, and I just see how it could be useful in so many ways!!!

    I saw on ACC the other day this guy that setup drive through praying service, you could drive up and pray with him about what ever..
    He would stand by his sign and wave at all the cars that went past when nothing was going on... and read his bible lol...

    I really have no idea on new ideas, I am not that creative in my mind.
    If your really bold you could like go in to Maccas and start talking to people, till u find someone interested in listening, I dont know...
    LOL I dont have that boldness right now, wish I did.

    I just see that you will accomplish some much, as time gos along...
    Keep it up :)
  12. If its illegal to preach to everyone there in that way there are ways and places to preach legally so you don't get arrested :D The Spirit even forbade Paul to go some places, He leads us and sometimes warns us of things. He knows if there will be trouble or if the people there are not receptive, whereas another place they would receive you more readily.

    Alot of people street witness one on one or even two or three go together. When you start a casual conversation or they come up to you to talk you can then tell them what Jesus did for you and how to be saved. Its ok to talk to them and tell them the same thing your were preaching :)

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