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I preached a short message on a street today

Discussion in 'Evangelism' started by Jeff, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. Jeff

    Jeff Webmaster Staff Member Supporter

    I preached a short message on a street today

    Okay, I have never never done public preaching. I have only shared gospel message in a softer and nicer way. Today, my passion to preach was so strong that I went to Bourke Street in Melbourne and preached it out.

    Here's the video I took:

    Evangelism day 2 – Preaching at Bourke Street | Jeffin Johnson

    All praises to Jesus Christ. :D

    Your feedback pleeeeeeeease!!
  2. Psalm91

    Psalm91 Inactive

    WOW!!! Awesome!!!

    Great job Jeff, that was Holy Spirit driven.
  3. Dusty

    Dusty Inactive

    Jeff .... God Bless you brother . It is only by the power of the Holy Spirit that you could have done that and I give all glory to our Saviour Jesus Christ .

    Praise God Brother .

    Philippians 1:6
    being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
  4. godbe4me

    godbe4me Senior Moderator Staff Member

    That was awesome Jeff.....Praise God!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!

    You know what???? Only a person filled with the Spirit of God can go out into the street and do what you did.

    God bless you Jeff,

  5. Michael Collum

    Michael Collum Inactive

    Gotta love that holy boldness . keep on keeping on Jeff :)

    I had this idea when i was watching it that God is forming you now . and will place you somewhere in the future where people cannot get enough of the words He gives you to say . maybe i saw it too . but definitely got that impression . keep on being transformed . that was awesome .
  6. JesusLovesAll

    JesusLovesAll Inactive

    I have prayed before answering this thread and I hope my reply is filled with Gods love and is correct.
    I think what you did was great and mostly good.
    I think I have found (With Gods help) some feedback for you;
    You missed your opening to speak to someone deeply whos heart is hard...
    I think that maybe if you had stood down and started having a real convo with him it might have helped him and at least planted a seed for God to grow.
    He came up to you for a reason and that reason usually is because they want to know something there is no situation to bad that can be used to help plant seeds in people.

    I hope this msg receives you in love and you did a good job overall, its great.

    But you asked for feedback so I am just trying to help :p
  7. Jeff

    Jeff Webmaster Staff Member Supporter

    Thanks guys. Love you so much for your support. :D

    And thanks Darknight for the feedback. I really didn't know what to do. Never prepared for such a thing. I had a lot things in my mind but when I was there I just spoke what came to my head. I will try improving based on feedback and as Holy Spirit guides me. Oh this is going to be awesome!!!!

    Imagine, preachers everywhere all around the world, shouting the name of Jesus!!
  8. GodSpeaks

    GodSpeaks Well-Known Member

    WOW that was so powerful!!

    Jeff that river was gushing out of you, the Spirit of God speaking through you!! What an anointing, I loved it! :D

    Does you church have a prision mininstry? Most do, but you could start one if there isn't one. You might preach there if your pastor got permission.
  9. KitsapGirl

    KitsapGirl Well-Known Member

  10. Jeff, I just teared up and had a big smile on my face :]
    How amazing. I just felt the presence of God in you THROUGH A COMPUTER!
    If it touches me...someone who wasn't even THERE to witness something like that, it touched the people on those streets.
    You are living Galatians 1:10 out. You are not here to please people. You're here to please God.
    What a great testimony!

    To do something like that takes strength. And you didn't get the strength on your own. You got it from your own Maker! How awesome!

    And Jeff, God gave you MORE strength when that guy started talking to you. The one that was rude. I'm so glad you didn't let him stop you. You kept on going, you kept on preaching.

    Thank you for being OBEDIENT to God's calling.
  11. GodSpeaks

    GodSpeaks Well-Known Member

    I could tell that was like what Jeremiah felt when he said it was like FIRE shut up in his bone and he couldn't help but let it out! In fact when you were preaching I could feel that fire stir up in me! :D

    "...it is as if there were a burning fire shut up in my bones. And I am weary of enduring and holding it in; I cannot [contain it any longer]." (Jeremiah 20)
  12. godbe4me

    godbe4me Senior Moderator Staff Member

    I got the same feeling and felt like going outside and preaching myself. That's how you know it was the spirit. It is not by accident that the Holy Spirit touched people over the internet by simply viewing a video. That is nothing but the Holy Spirit.
  13. GodSpeaks

    GodSpeaks Well-Known Member

    I was shouting over here
    WOOOO! :smiley90:
    He can touch a person powerfully even reading things online or a book that is inspired by the Spirit. There is no distance in the Spirit and he can use all methods to send out the gospel.
  14. godbe4me

    godbe4me Senior Moderator Staff Member

    This was a perfect example of: THERE IS POWER IN THE WORD
  15. GodSpeaks

    GodSpeaks Well-Known Member

    Yes the Word of very powerful. In fact I was going to mention that tonight but its getting late so I'll post on it maybe tomorrow :)
  16. Jeff

    Jeff Webmaster Staff Member Supporter

    xspinningisfun, thank you for your encouragement. Without your support I wouldn't have been able to do it. By the way, it was so much fun for me to preach. I absolutely loved it. :)
    GodSpeaks, yea.. like fire shut up in my bones. My body wasn't able to keep it in itself. :D
    godbe4me and Hismanysongs's support helped me move away from the forums and into Church and sharing Gospel.

    I got a few responses such as 'how did you do it', 'i wish i could do the same' etc etc. Now the secret is 'Just do it'. :) Fear crippled me for a long time and I crippled the devil with his own tool by being strong and bold. :) Jesus is with us always.
  17. ? What did I dooooo?!
  18. Jeff

    Jeff Webmaster Staff Member Supporter

    Your support here. :) Otherwise I wouldn't be able to do internship properly and learn the Bible if I were to spend a lot of time here.
  19. GodSpeaks

    GodSpeaks Well-Known Member

    How you do it is just like what happened. You got all stirred up in the Holy Spirit and had to let that fire out! :D

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