I need visitors!

Discussion in 'Site Showcase' started by violet, May 30, 2007.

  1. I need visitors!

    Please come check out my Blog!
    It's new so bookmark it and check back.
    Make sure you check out the blogs and links section~
    I appreciate it!


  2. Lots of photos. Just what I thought. :D
  3. I'll add words, Jeff!:D
    I'm in my quiet mode just now;)
  4. I just did:) nice pics! :smile_anim:
  5. Dear Violet, it's a lovely blog with wonderful pics!
  6. Your blog is very nice . It has some beautiful pics.:groupray:
  7. Gosh, thank you, everyone~
    I appreciate you looking, very much.
    Please leave me a comment so I know you have been there.
    I fixed it so anyone can comment (I hope).
    Sylv, you are funny! I have mentioned on this forum that I have 8 children!
  8. I Need Visitors

    Violet, you don't need visitors,
    You made a wonderful contribution to my "What Is Charity" post.
    I have visited your "Blogg" and it is obvious that you have far more skill and technical ability than I have with computers.
    It a beautiful composition of both photographs, words and music.
    A year ago I had THREE VERY SMALL digital cameras - without viewers. One I got free when I bought a PC Programme.
    Anyway, my wife cleaned the house and I cannt find one now. Maybe an archaeologist will find then in a thousand years time.
    Many thanks for your comments on my post. My wife wanted to show some members of the Church your reply with highlights.
    I persuaded her not to as I think that the clans would have had out the firey crosses (Basically, Scots founded the KKK to our shame.) rally the rest to battle.
    Everyone knows everyone here.
    God bless and keep you and your family.
    :) :) :)
  9. Violet that was BEAUTIFUL- I never cease to be amazed at God's gift to the ladies- the way you girls find beauty in even the simplest things adds color to our ( the guys ) lives- thanks so much- Larry
  10. Great photos!!!!

    I lack the steady hand to do photography.

    By The Way, loved the photos of the Maroon 6 Series BMW (Our Saturday So Far). A friend of mine had a 635 in the bright red color. It was a blast to drive and the 6 series are very rare (if you don't count the Z8) especially compared to the 3,5, and 7 series.
  11. Avlight, I'd give you that car for very cheap if you lived near!:)
  12. All of you are very kind and I just love each and every one of you! :eek:

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