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  1. I was reading this article. It spoke of many all-important topics regarding true Christians and eternal life, being saved, etc. I need some clearing up. Are these things credible? It seems to be, because of the Scripture used. I believe these things, but something about telling people the Gospel has changed for me, because of this article. It seems like no one will ever listen to it. What are you guy's thoughts? Here is the article:
    Please read for yourself.

  2. I have not read the article, but if you now are having doubts about people hearing and receiving the gospel...then you might want to put this article in the round file, and then search the Word of God for the scriptures to give you faith, that it is God who draws all men unto Himself, and uses us to tell it to others.
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  3. The restored church of God is one that you need to be careful of. Armstrong who is the founder of the world wide church of God is incorrect in some of his teachings. And that is who posted this article...so definately one for the round file.
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  4. I would not go to that site. I can spot plenty of false teachings in that article. Any site I go to that teaches error I never visit again, unless of course if it is minor and the majority of it is true.

    One thing to also note is the site is run by a specific denomination. Now, unless you hold to the beliefs of the specific denomination, I suggest you be careful when tredding into their theology. People branch off into denominations for a reason, usually because they hold to teaching different from the rest of the Body. Now, many denominations are relatively safe and orthodox, but some cross the line into heresy.

    Be careful is all I would say, trust God's word above all else.
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  5. Juk what Cturtle has advised is 100% correct. As soon as I opened the web site I could see that it was Armstrong and the 'world of tomorrow' stuff.
    Beware of anybody who claims to have the exclusive truth. They simply do not know the Lord Jesus on a personal level, if they did, they would not make out that they know it all and everyone else is missing the mark.
    Sadly there are some posts appearing here on this forum that fall into this category, of denigrating other Christians.
    Jesus said that He would build His Church of the confession of faith that He is the Christ the son of the living God.
    Mat 16:18. And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
    Study a few verses either side for context.
    Now anybody who comes along and says the Church which Christ Jesus is building has lost its way, (fallen victim to the gates of hell) and is in need of their insights to fix Christ's broken Church, simply does not Jesus at a personal level and these are the ones not to be listened to as mentors.
    Ask all the questions you like on this forum and maybe just go with the common consensus of understanding.
    Looking to the web for spiritual guidance and you are putting yourself at serious risk in the devil's playground.
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  6. Little man you have the Holy Spirit inside of you, ask God before you read things other than the Bible.

    And as calvin and cosmicwaffle said looking to the web for spiritual guidance can lead you to get some things in your mind that you and the Word of God have to try and dig out. And like you experienced it caused you to doubt telling others about the Goodness of our Lord and Savior. It also caused you to loose your joy (seemed like). Those things are not of God. The best thing to do is get very settled and secure with God's Word, study the real so much that when you happen to come across the counterfit you will know right away.

    Keep up the good work! And like calvin said don't be afraid to ask questions. God has placed a lot of good people who are grounded in the Word in your life. We love you and want for you to grow up healthy in the Word. No one is ever called to walk this Christian walk alone.
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  7. This article is put out by Armstrongism. It is not congruent with scriptural teaching.

    I suggest you ask the Lord to lead you to a good, bible-teaching church where you can be planted and grow straight, where you will be taught scriptural truths in a safe, secure environment, and who has leaders who will take the time to answer you and to direct you well in the word.
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  8. Juk thats a mighty long article.
    What do you mean about telling people the gospel? If you follow the example of Paul in the new testament, he shared the gospel with all the gentiles. I dont quite understand your problem? What needs to be cleared up? If you in any doubt, you pray and ask God to show you, seek his wisdom and he'll show you, either in the Bible or in practical ways.

    When I was confused about certain things I just ask God and usually he gives me a scripture reference that directly answers my question. Spend some more time in prayer and less on google.
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  9. Yea, What CTurtle said :)
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  10. I did my own study, and found that the Bible mostly says that we are justified by faith. But then James comes in and says that is not so.
  11. What James mean't was that our faith is justified by works. He mean't a true faith will always produce fruit and obedience in some form or fashion. You can't say you have faith and live contridictory to that. We are however justified in God's sight by faith in Christ alone. But, as they say, faith alone saves, but faith is never alone.
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  12. Nice reply(y)
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  13. I see that my friends have advised you correctly. When Armstrong's church had its demise in 1995, there were several offshoots and this is one of them. Even though it is an offshoot it retains much of the original teachings of Herbert Armstrong. One of his teachings was that only English speaking peoples would be able to enter heaven. Go figure!!!!!

    My advice is reject all of the information found on that website.
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  14. That is my opinion as well! Works are a "product" of our faith and not the other way around.
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  15. Don't lose heart about the gospel. whatever you read. One passage I love is Acts 10, which is the account of Cornelius' conversion (an account which, by the way, should be very concerning to the author of the article you linked, because it flatly contradicts what that author teaches about the "proper order of things" in becoming saved...). Check out the chapter for this encouragement: when someone's heart is ready for the gospel, they will recognize truth when they hear it.
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