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Discussion in 'Marriage and Relationships' started by Opeyemi, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. I'd like if you can advice me on something:

    I just met a young lady(Phoebe) through a friend. I asked my friend to introduce us, so we all met at the cinema on friday where my she introduced Phoebe and I. We all watched a movie, it was fun. During the movie I got her mobile number, we chatted here and there, laughed here and there (Phoebe is a fun lady, real cheerful). Phoebe and I agreed to meet for a latte & cake during the week (on wednesday). Phoebe is turning 21 in couple of weeks and she finishes her Masters in September while I turned 29 in March and complete my masters next year.
    We are both from a christian homes in Nigeria although we are currently studying in the UK. She is a member of the Choir in her church and she is single.

    Would like to know what steps I should take and how I should approach talking to her and getting to know her more as I feel she is a great fit and in the future she could be a life partner [but who knows these things :) ]


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