i need help?

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by casperella, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. i need help?

    um im sorry if its a bother, an if the soultion is right in front of me and i just dont see it. but i cant access my profile, or do anything but post. thats it. so id appreciate the help tremendously! thanks

    much love and peace
  2. Profile

    There should be a orange bar that has a tab called Quick links. You should be able to access your profile from there.
  3. Info for Cassie

    Cassie - the forum software has a built in spam filter which disallows new members to access some forum features until they have reached a certain level of interaction and fellowshipping. This is done to prevent spammers from entering CFS to sell things or to bash Christians. Please be patient and after just a few more posts from you, those features will automatically be opened.


    Pastor Gary

    (moderator and staff trainer)
  4. Hi Cassie, quite a few members have told me about this problem before. We did a server upgrade a few hours back and I am wondering if that solved the problem. Could you check again and let me know? If the problem still exists, I'll forward the issue to the tech guys.Thanks.
  5. Hi folks,

    I tried to edit my profile, no problem there, but it's just that you have to scroll all the way to the right just to edit it (and it's a long way). I don't know it's just me or for everyone else as well.
  6. John, that particular page has been that way for over a year and the software developers have not supplied a re-coding for that page as yet. As long as everyone is aware of the 'expanded' page format and can find the options area, we should be OK for awhile. Thank you for your comment.:)
  7. Ah, I see. Thanks for the info Pastor Gary! :)
  8. Question!

    In the profile page, there is a section for Favorite Stations. How can I put one on my profile.

  9. I adds automatically when you visit our radio and tv page. The shortcut to this page is missing in the home page. I dont know how that happened. I'll check that out.

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