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  1. Hello everyone. My name is Kayla and I am having a problem... and I'm in high hopes you all won't be bad to me... I just need advice.

    I am new here, I know. I joined just to ask for advice from strangers on what I should do about this.

    I'm 19 years old and I have recently stumbled upon something about me... I have no interest in men, but I've had a crush on my best friend Angela for about a year now. I have never said anything about it to her or anyone until now. I have kept it to myself all this time, scared I may be hated by everyone. My father would be so disappointed. I have never had an interest in men and he has started noticing it. He's worried... should he be? I am just about ready to move out, too.

    I love this girl and I'm wondering if it is wrong that I do? Should I tell her? I really would love to spend my life with her. And I have tried to be attracted to men, but it has never worked. And I'm considering telling my father, too. He couldn't possibly hate me, could he? I'm sure he would be somewhat supportive after he figures out he cannot talk me out of it.

    What do you guys think, for real? Thank you guys.

    Love Jesus Always.
  2. I think you are rebellious to your own nature-but that is your choice in this life and in the next.

    You are making the choice to be attracted to your friend-which is understandable if you have been connected many years of your life; that doesn't give you license to abandon what God has given you and expect your father to be supportive. If your father is a Christian; he will love you, but he won't be able to support what you are contemplating on doing.
  3. You're 19? You don't know half as much as you think you know right now. Seek out wisdom before making life changing decisions- I hope that is why you are here....?
  4. Yes it is why I am here. I am just so worried and... I am not sexually confused. Like I said, I have tried so hard to have myself sexually attracted to men... it has always failed.
  5. And I would never abandon God. He's made me happy all these years through my mothers' death. Or at least as happy as I could be without her.
  6. So don't be? Not everyone is called to be 'married'. If you are truly seeking God's will in this...you have to get into the Church and Bible....

    I am thinking that if that avatar is really you, you are an attractive young lady-but you are exposing yourself to the wrong type of attention presenting yourself the way you do which has influenced your sense of attraction. In my humble opinion, you are falling into the trappings of this world....far from Christ.
  7. Oh the way I dress and what not? I dress to express myself. My desire to dress the way I do has nothing to do with my feelings except when people talk bad about it. I am still a virgin and I am uninterested in sexual interaction until marriage.
  8. Child,

    God loves you, He wants to be in your life. But you have to put Him first-not your feelings or 'expressions' or dress.... Just because you are a virgin-doesn't mean you are 'pure' in God's eyes. He looks at the "heart condition". And you have one that needs addressing if you are willing to hear it...

    Do you know the Gospel message?
  9. No I do not? Although, I believe my heart condition is well. I am a loving girl, everyone tells me. I make sure to choose my friends well (Preferably Christains like myself, to make things easier).
  10. The "Gospel" or Good News is this: God made a way for us to go to heaven and have eternal life.

    This gift-the invitation to eternity is open to ALL that would accept it.

    God wants our hearts-our 'love' to be focused on Him because He is the source of true love and all that is good in this world; He wants us to give Him the respect-the credit He is due.

    God wants our faith (belief) and trust to be in Him alone.

    In the beginning of Creation; mankind (humans) were made to be 'like' God. But God designed them to have "free-will", in order to have free-will it was necessary for God to allow the first people made to know the difference between right and wrong / "good and evil".

    I am sure you probably know the story of Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden-they chose to disobey God-but at the same time God's purpose was fulfilled in granting His creation 'free-will' or freedom of choice. We have the choice to obey or disobey God.

    Do you understand this?
  11. Kayla, I would like to continue this conversation with...but at this time I need to rest before work in a few hours. So I will try to make this short.

    Because of mankind's choice to sin against God in the beginning-God had to separate Himself from us causing a rift between man and God. This sin has progressed throughout all human history. But God also gave a way to be 'redeemed'/ 'reconciled' back to Him in eternity-and that is through His Son Jesus Christ.

    Paul put it like this:

    The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.
    all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.
    For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
    But God commandeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
    For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be

    Paul-Apostle to the Gentiles
  12. The Bible reveals our sin to us; it is how we know what is 'right and wrong' in God's eyes.

    Jesus Christ did give us 'freedom': but freedom is choosing to do what is right. We know what is 'right' by using the Bible. We are 'free' in Christ only when we are 'walking IN the Holy Spirit' 100%. When we obey God's Word-which is Jesus Christ. He said 'if you love me; obey my commandments'.
  13. Blessings!!

    My niece whom we helped raise some started seeing another girl. This things can at times be pinned to a bad mother and daughter relationship and when the girl gets older still has that void of that special women in their life. Being older it turns sexual of course.

    Not saying that is the case with you, but it's not natural to like another female.

    If you were my daughter, I would not hate you but you have to understand though I would not hate you or be unkind I would feel that I failed somewhere being a Christian and failed you. It's not your fault how others want to feel but you might take this into consideration.

    If possible could you just "Chill" and seek God about why you feel this way about this Girl? Just give yourself some room to sort it out a bit?

    If you love the Lord then you know He is not for these types of things and trying to keep a relationship up that is against the Word will just make you feel miserable until your conscience no longer questions the relationship. Once that happens, your in serious trouble and it best not to go there. You have not gone forward now because of your conscience and would not be post here unless you had those doubts. Don't violate your conscience, you will wish looking back years later you just hung in there and got it sorted with the word.

  14. You're walking down a dangerous path - beware! Assuming you ever really knew God or Jesus Christ as your savior, you need to repent, turn back and give yourself and your life to Jesus Christ. You should be more concerned for your eternal soul, rather than what your father will think of you. I'll say a prayer for you.
  15. I think he is talking about the way you are portraying yourself through your photo.

    As far as the thread... you know what God says about people liking the same sex in that way. So when you ask on a Christian forum what you should do, well, you know what we are going to say... DON'T GO DOWN THAT PATH. You can follow the ways of the world or you can follow God. We can't make that decision for you, but we can give you advice based on God's Word.
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  16. Remember, God loves EVERYONE ALWAYS because we are all His children. If you believe God loves you then you should believe He wants what is best for you. I believe if you keep praying and stay in faith then the "right" man will come to you and you will be attracted to that person.

    We all have temptations. When we are able to control our urges, then we mature spiritually and mentally. Some like the same sex, some are tempted to steal, tempted to overeat, tempted to lie, tempted to sin. God never gives us a "test" that we can not overcome. But it is our CHOICE to overcome it or not. Just like it is our CHOICE to love God, to be with Him in heaven eternally.

    Ask for guidance from God by reading the Bible and joining a good bible study group.

    Hope that helps :)
  17. Hello. Just like you, I am also confused. In my humble opinion it's a bit humorous to come to a christian forum and basically ask if the community thinks it's okay to be a lesbian. And I mean no hate at all. I have friends that are lesbos/gays, and they know my beliefs on the matter.

    So I will give you my opinion as I would any of my friends. We all struggle with some type of sin, whether it be lusting after the same sex, opposite sex, drugs, gossiping etc.. What's important is to recognize sin for sin, and never just "accept it." I encourage you to pray to God about it, and seek guidance from believers, which I'm guessing that's why you came here, which is a good start.

    " you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything."
  18. 1 Corinthians 7:34 KJV
    There is difference also between a wife and a virgin. The unmarried woman careth for the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and in spirit: but she that is married careth for the things of the world, how she may please her husband.

    Maybe the Lord is giving you a higher calling? In my opinion, based on the translations we have of the Bible now, that those who are attracted to the same sex have been chosen to serve God in the way married folk can't.

    As for telling your friend, I would wait on that. Pray and read your Bible and find what God wants you to do.

    Send me a PM if you need anything or want a one on one discussion. I'm always around.

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