I need help on myspace re: the golden compass

Discussion in 'Books, Music and Television' started by treshay, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. I need help on myspace re: the golden compass


    I need help! This is the link to my myspace blog about the movie the golden compass. It was quiet for a few days but I got another comment today and I prayed for help in biting my tongue and saying the right things but I know that I'm not going about this right because I always feel horrible after I reply. I don't know if I'm asking you to tell me what I should say or what, I guess I just need some Christians to look over this and help guide me in the Christian direction and not in the direction my pride is trying to pull me. I haven't been here long but I trust those of you that I've talked to so much!
  2. I invited you as a friend. What a beautiful website you have! You inspire me!
  3. Are these people your friends? Do you know them? Can't you block comments from people not in your list?
  4. These are all people I know. One is my cousin who I love dearly, the other two are friends of my sisters who I am acquainted with.
  5. Amazing that it's the ones closest to us that often hurt us the easiest. I know I've written blogs directed at people in the past, and everyone ELSE responded thinking I was trashing them.
  6. Thank you!
    Oh what a sweet baby I saw!


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