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Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by KDH, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone. I am building a Christian website. I am putting some of my personal Christian writings on it. But I would also like to add many Biblical resources to it as well, and I need help with that part.

    The resources I would like to add are the following: an online Bible, commentaries, Bible dictionaries, maps, etc.

    I have found many Bible search things that I can embed on my site, but they are really just a fancy link that takes my visitor of my site completely and onto another persons site. I have found some downloadable public domain Bibles that I can add, but then I will have to manually add it to my site chapter by chapter and there will be no Bible search. So I guess my question is, Are there Bibles (public domain because I cannot afford the licensing) that I can add to my site that have Bible search capabilities built in? If so, I want to leave the visitor on my website, and I would like to have the page background look like my site. If this is not possible, please let me know that as well so that I can begin manually building the on-line Bible.

    The same question applies to Bible dictionaries, maps, and commentaries that are in the public domain. Please, let me know where I may be able to get these so that I can add them to my site as well.

    If anyone has any other ideas of good Bible resources to add to my website, please let me know; I would like to know about them and also where to get them.

    Thank you for your time brothers and sisters.

    God bless,
  2. Hi KDH,

    I can't help you with adding a searchable Bible to your site, but if you go to our Glory to the King site (link in my sig) and go to resources/freebies you will find links to a whole heap of things you might find useful.


  3. I don't know of a search that would stay on your site but I can't be sure there isn't one.

    If you do decide to do your own, I can let you have something that might save you some time although if you don't know already, you'd need to learn a bit of php and sql to alter it.

    The bible is a public King James version I found on the Internet. I'm afraid I've forgotten the source. I think I modified the text file a little before (via a php script) putting it into a mySQL database. The coding needs a bit of tidying up and double checking to make sure all terms to queries are escaped but it gives the idea.

    As for the project itself, getting the bible as text file into a database can be a pretty straightforward task and getting some form of searching isn't difficult but I think it could be quite a job to turn out a really good one. It's perhaps debatable whether a search should cross verses (mine doesn't), there is punctuation that might get in the way of simple searches, a fuzzy search might be desirable, etc.
  4. On thing you can always try doing is adding resources into an iframe. Some things lend themselves well to this and some don't. It does keep them on your site though.

    If you were using a CMS like Joomla that would be made much easier. If you're building strictly an html site then it becomes more difficult because some things such as Bible reference lookup would have to be manually added to each page unless you're using a template which you would create and then use over again for each subsequent page. You could then embed you code once and use often.

    You might take a look at Reftagger: http://reftagger.com. This is a neat tool I use on my sites and I think here also on CFS.

    Good luck in your efforts.
  5. I've just made a few changes to my code (and the zip download).
    The words or phrases that match in a verse are now highlighted in red.
    I've eliminated a number of false matches in the words search, eg "be" matching "behold", "he" matching "therefore", etc.
  6. Links removed at the request of poster.
  7. Thanks.

    My mother found the scripts useful enough to want it for her own use so I moved it to her web space. It should be accessible at http://kjv.dulyn.co.uk

    The download containing the King James Bible as a plain text file and as a mysql sql file and the current state of the php scripts is still at http://www.jonbanjo.com/kjv.zip
  8. Short of bug fixes, I'll probably stop at this but I've just updated the download with a version that I think most people with a php/mysql enabled web site should be able to use. There is a readme file and an example web page included but basically to insert it into a php page:

    To show the search form needs:

    require("<path to kjvsearch.php>");
    $kjvsearch = new kjvsearch();

    The page to display the results from a search needs:

    require("<path to kjvresults.php>");
    $kjvresults = new kjvresults();

    Oh and I've added one other bit. If a chapter is displayed and a word is double clicked, it will perform a search for that word.

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