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  1. Ok, so basically idk whether to eat this salad I just made for lunch. I put pork slices in it and then I remembered I wanted to abstain from eating pork because idk whether it is right or not and so i'm just going to not take the chance and just try to avoid it, but at the same time I really don't know whether this view is pointless, but I don't trust myself to make a decision on it because I know my temptation atm and I think I'm not rational minded right now. It feels wasteful to just throw this out though...I'm really trying to justify eating this but i'm thinking i'm going to have to throw it away if I don't find inconclusive evidence that I can eat it.
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    "Salad with slices of pork" was made for man...not man made for the "salad with slices of pork".... imo....

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    it's the pork that's bugging me. I haven't read enough into this, oh well, goodbye delicious salad.
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  4. Well.. right after I wrote this message I read Acts 15 and now I think maybe I can eat pork. I'm gonna do it.
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  5. My conscience has no problem with it (Acts 15 as you cited), but I respect a man who will follow his own conscience whatever the masses think. Well done, you're a blessing.
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  6. Thanks man, I wasn't sure if people would understand why I was making a big deal over eating pork. It does seem silly if you don't understand why I was bothered by it.

    God bless :)
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  7. If you are burdened by something give it away.

    And go get some professional help towards that not rational minded issue. Sounds like it is causing issues you really do not need to have.
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    I didn't mean i'm some loony. Re-read my post.
    *Hint* I was referring to the temptation I was experiencing. Wouldn't you agree it is hard to be objective during temptation?

    I don't think telling people to "go get professional help" the way you did is effective, and tbh it is actually insulting. Work on your tactic because it sounds condescending.
  9. When someone says "not rational minded" I will suggest counselling as the irrational mind needs some help.
  10. The proscription against eating pork was part of the law of Moses, and it was in force for all the house of Israel until it was nullified by the Savior during his mortal sojourn. We are not subject under that part of the law, or the old covenant.

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