I Made A Big Mistake!

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  1. This Monday... I became Muslim. I suffer from mental illness and did it recklessly... I'm sitting here sobbing. I learned so many horrible things in Islam before hand but I was so numb it didn't bother me. But ever since Monday I have felt pain. In Islam the punishment for leaving the faith is death. I know in America that can't be enforced but I fear they will take matters into their own hands. I'm so scared. I know I made a huge mistake. I regret it so much. Jesus I'm so sorry. I am so so sorry. Please please forgive me. I'm so sorry.
  2. Now you left Jesus for Allah? Who's side you on now and how can anyone be so confused to Leave Jesus? Get back with Jesus, and serve him only.

    Jesus also said Luke 10:19 Nothing by any means shall hurt you. You notice those that serve Allah get blown up and killed (After the bomb goes off). So you have protection and it's going to be OK.
  3. Where do you live my dear? It sounds like you are in USA?
  4. California, USA
  5. Then there is no reason for you to live in fear. We have in this country police etc. who are more than willing to step in and take care of any situation that may arise.

    This is not an Islamic country so rest easy. Simple stop going to their Mosque. If anyone contacts you just tell them you have had a change of heart and walk away. DO NOT TRY TO EXPLAIN ANYTHING. Just walk away and leave them alone.

    The next thing you do is get into a good Christian, Bible believing church and surround your self with people who have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ.
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  6. You're fine. If you have back to Christ truly, He has forgiven you. And He is a fortress that none can breach (Psalm 18:2). Islam is an invention of man that has no real power.

    All people have done stupid things out of fear.....like when Peter denied Christ three times (and God took him back).

    They key is to keep your eyes on Christ and ABIDE in Him. For in He is your Strength and unwavering faith.

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