I Love You Guys

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  1. Hey, my fellow Christians. I am here to tell you that I love you all like my own family. And I am being honest when I say that I have been on two other forums, and nothing compares to this forum. You guys are putting up with my crap and not shunning me. I love you all for that. You guys are the best.

    The first forum I joined I got banned for the church thing. That's out of the way. And the second one, I left, and denied myself access because people were bossing me around. Not you guys. You guys are accepting of me. And I appreciate that. You guys are the best. I am feeling like as my avatar is suggesting, a star. I love God, AND I love y'all. God bless each AND everyone of you from the bottom of my heart.
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  2. Love you to Dana :).
  3. Thank you KingJ. I appreciate that.
  4. :) If you were near me I would take you out for some free coffee!
  5. Dana, you are always, ALWAYS, welcome here.

    God bless you, my friend.
  6. Thank you very much KingJ, and LysanderShapiro. I appreciate being here.
  7. I just want to say that I love you guys who have stuck by me through all the stuff that's been going on. You LysanderShapiro have been there the most through the preacher stuff. You have not judged me at all. And I will never judge you. And all of my followers have not judged me either. And the people I follow have not judged me. And for that I thank each one of you. You are the best.:cry::cry: Those are happy tears. I feel sooooo blessed to have people that actually care about me over the internet.
  8. I still and will always love you guys. Here are the names of the Christian forums that I have been hated on, and banned from: www.bibleforums.org, www.christianforums.net. I feel more welcome on here than there. The first forum was all about me not going to church and them banning me to just posting in the staff forums. I know you guys will never do that to anyone. You care about us more than any other Christian forum I have been on, or will ever be on.
  9. Hey guys, I really appreciate the fact that you guys have accepted me as a Christian on here. And I have not, and will continue to not post threads, and not been the peacemaker. I am proud of myself for these things I have not done.
  10. I am glad you found your way to us.

    I promise to always respect you, and accept you......as long as you agree with me. (just kidding:LOL:)
  11. Yeah. This is the best Christian forum website. :3 I got banned from another Christian forum website because they thought that I am a troll, even though I am not a troll at all, because I am always serious and honest, and people in this forum site are more respectful. :3

  12. That's what they want. They want you to be honest. And if they don't like it, too bad. Keep being honest.
  13. True. Even the Bible tells us to be honest.

  14. It's just weird they would ban you. Would you mind telling me which forum did this? If you don't want to, I understand too.
  15. It was the forum named ChristianForums.com.

  16. Not good. Just know that I will let you post your honesty all you want. You are not a troll, and you never will be.
  17. True. Thank you for understanding me. :3

  18. You're more than welcome, my friend. I know what it's like to have your opinions taken away.

    I was on an I don't know if you've heard of this radio show Adventures In Odyssey forum, where I talked about someone I care not to mention here, and they were just ripping him to shreds and not letting me say that I like him. And this is a forum of 13 year olds mostly. So, I blocked that site and haven't gone back since.

    This is, was, and always will be me Christian forum of choice. I will be here until the internet goes away.
  19. I just want to say I love you guys who are forgiving me for what I did yesterday. Thanks for being my friends. You're the best.

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