I Love Superchic[k]! ! !

Discussion in 'Christian Videos' started by KitsapGirl, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. I Love Superchic[k]! ! !

    Anyone hear their new album? Anyone here fans? If so, why do you love Superchick? What's your favorite song?

    Okay, I know most of you don't like them, if you have heard of them, but they're a positive musical force for this generation...even main stream has picked them up, and put them in the #1 spot a few times...
  2. I've only heard 1 song I think:

    Is gud.
  3. Try this one....

  4. I've never heard of them.
  5. Yes, I love SuperChick as well. I met them in 2004 at a festival called Icthus. They all signed my shirt and I got to hang out with Max for alittle while. I still have the shirt and it was a great time!!
  6. Wow! That's gonna change the way my day goes, I'll try and make sure of it!
  7. All of their songs are powerful...some of them tongue-in-cheek, but still deep
    another one...

    empowering for girls in a bad relationship...blunt & to the point


  8. They're pretty cool in real life too...

    My daughter with Tricia & Dave...Big Splash 2006

  9. Is Superchik Christian rock?
  10. YES. They don't preach the gospel in their music, but they teach Godly virtues...

    purity - in dress & in body - wait until you're ready for marriage before you even consider dating
    honesty - telling your friend the truth to her face instead of behind her back
    integrity - help the helpless, do what's right
    humbleness - own up to your faults
    healing - God will be there for you when you hurt, your friends will too
    Strength - it's okay to fail...that's when you learn

    A group I SERIOUSLY promote for & to our girls
  11. I like the song Hey, Hey. very cool.
  12. If you like superchick, check out krystal meyer. I like her. Similar type of music

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