I LOVE roses!!~!

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  1. I LOVE roses!!~!

    I have several varieties that's why my garden smells so sweet -now!!~!-My son bought me a John F. Kennedy Rose for Mother's Day-it is a large white rose. I have Velvet Red roses-A Peace Rose-A Pintia Rose-Medellion Rose-Perfume Delight and several others I don't know the names of that are pink yellow red and purple varietys!!~!-Looks like Eden in my garden!!~!:D
  2. My wife has quite a few of them growing and I love to stop and smell the roses.
  3. My mom and I are planning on planting roses. They grow great in this area where we live. This house has no landscaping and only a couple of things planted that are worth keeping, so we are getting to work from an almost clean slate in designing and planting what we want. Whenever we get our roses, I'll let you know what we get. Right now we are busy getting rid of weeds, clearing out stumps and trees that are in bad places, and preparing the soil.

    You should take pics of your roses Pattycake!
  4. Yes Pattycake .... please pictures. I love roses too but they are a lot of work but have a few in the front of my house as it is too shady in the back cuase they like lots of sun.
  5. Laura-our daughter is a photography buff-next tie she is out catching the dew on the roses-I'lll get her to post some!~!:D
  6. And Patty.... soon I will be able to catch mine as I see the yellow ones are almost out.:D
  7. Lovely -Lovely Roses-must be most beautiful in Heaven!!~1:)-:D
  8. I am not a real lover of roses (that is to grow them.) but love them in a vase. I have 4 minitature ones in my garden but they are not doing really well.
  9. I am a lover of roses too. I'll have to go out and make a list of the ones I have. I just recently realized I've been collecting them. I don't really know how to take care of them, though, like my mom did. I used to go over to mom's house and pick them for a bouquet to enhance my other picks. I never thought I'd grow them, but inherited them when she died. My twin's funeral was full of roses and daisies, so the smell of them still is not pleasant to me.

    Any advice on growing them would be appreciated.
  10. My roses look all burnt from the heat :( The blooms wither and turn brown. They looked great when they bloomed when it was still cool out.
  11. Adopted roses

    When we moved into a new place last August; we adopted two beautiful rose bushes that had been sorely neglected. I pruned and fertilized and watered them and gave them some prayers and love and this year; I have blooms all over the place!!! Beautiful, dark pink/fushia florabundas...at the end and on both sides of the steps of the deck to the back yard. Like us Christians, we need a good pruning before we really blossom.
  12. Good example. Yes God does the pruning and sometimes it is painful and we don't like it,, but it is for our good.

    My roses are just starting to bloom so will try to put photos here.
  13. Some of the roses in my garden.




  14. Uh oh, found a rose thread! :D
    I started my rose collecting two years ago after we lost our son to stillbirth. I went looking for a white rose to grow in his memory and over the winter as I researched which one I wanted (I posted on Gardenweb, asking members for recommendations) and in the process got hopelessly addicted.
    I have filled every available place at my parents with roses and had about 10 growing in pots outside my door this spring/summer/fall.
    PS the one I chose for him was an antique rose called 'madame hardy'.

    Plant: Madame Hardy (damask, Hardy, 1832)
  15. Hi I love roses to, they are my most favorite flower, some of those pictures look like my roses. 2 years ago I planted a climbing rose and my do they climb. But watch out for the thorns.:cross: :jesus-sign:Is the Rose of Sharron.
  16. I loved the Wild Rose bushes in Alaska. We had them growing in our yard when we lived out in the country there. They are much smaller than the roses people plant in their gardens; but still beautiful.
  17. I'm getting started on a little rose garden for the Mrs.


    When it's done, I will have a large rose bush in the center, and vining roses climbing the arch and the white lattice.

    I'm going to put a bench in front of it and a table.
    Inlay some stepping stones into the ground and hook up a few hummingbird feeders so she has a nice little spot out front for her morning bible readings.

    What do you all think so far? Any suggestions? :confused:

    (Besides Buffrin, my back is killing me.) :eek:

    .................Okay,..Getting a little closer.

    This is the layout,.....


    I'll bury the rose bush in the center.
    It is a Rosa 'Radrazz' KNOCK OUT and should do very well in this climate.
    It will get around 4 feet tall and equally wide.

    I need a good vining rose to plant along the white lattice, and I would like a nice Ivy, or fragrant vine that would grow well up and around the arch.

    Any suggestions?
  18. What a splendid idea! And such a blessed woman she'll be to have this special spot you made for her. :read:

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