I love my wife

Discussion in 'Marriage and Relationships' started by photog, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. I love my wife

    My tenderhearted bride is the most awesome person I have ever met. She and I pray together everyday and have always put God first in our relationship.

    Here is a picture I took of her this summer.


    What say you? Do you love your spouse as well?!?! :) I know you do. ;)
  2. off course we do,thats why our eyes don,t stray,lol.:)
  3. Wow! She is so beautiful! What a wonderful combination to be beautiful inside and out. Congratulations to you Photog, you are blessed. Just curious, how long have you two been married?


    P.S. Yes, I do love my husband with all my heart. He is a godly man and a great husband and father.:)
  4. We have been married for over 5 years now.
  5. That is awesome my friend.
    I remember my boss laughung at me years ago saying I was the only one he knew that still loved his wife. Personally I do not think he was really laughing on the inside though. I have now been married over 30 years and love my bride more every day.
  6. That is a great testimony you have there my friend. :)

    Although it is sad that many people have a lot of tension in their marriage.
  7. Thirty nine years and still going strong.;) Need I say more????

  8. Congrats Cliff!:D
  9. Theo

    So she put up with you for that long, huh... A saint, isn't she?:D

  10. Heehee.

    But yes, that is truly a testimony to having a Christ-centered marriage.
    Some folks stay together that long but to actually still love each other SO much....awesome.

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