I love listening to the Lord

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  1. I love listening to the Lord

    I am new to this forum. I am hoping to find Christians that have a close relationship with the Lord to talk about the great things He does and says. It is not always so easy to find people like that. Indeed it is often very hard to find people that really spend a lot of time listening to and learning from Him.

    When I first awake in the morning, I start talking to Jesus, and I get a responce from Him everytime. Of course I usually just ask Him if I have to get up now or can I sleep a little longer. The answer from Him seems to be different everytime. It can be just about anything.

    Then I usually sat down and pray the Lord's prayer with a couple of extra's to the Father. Then I sat back and expect an answer from Him, and get one. He says such wonderful things every morning, and usually has me look up a Scriptures or two, and goes over them with me.

    Are there others like that on this site?
  2. Welcome to the forum CBE.

    I love spending time in the presence of the Lord and talking about Him and His Word.
  3. Yeah, I already noticed. I just got done checking out your thread on learning from the Lord. That is an awesome thread. What you, Dusty, Ezek33, had to say was wonderful. I came over here because I heard Seeker was coming. I was not surprised to find him enjoying everything that was posted on your thread. It was very encouraging.
  4. I got lots of threads so not sure which one you meant. But sounds like you are talking about Holy Spirit -Our teacher, which was Dusty's thread.
    Glad you are enjoying what the Spirit is sharing with each of us. Its very important to learn about Him, in my opinion.
  5. My apology to Dusty. Yes, that is the thread. You both had excellent things to say. It is nice to know that both of you clearly know the Lord. Thanks
  6. Thanks. Since I first met Him, He is my life and always will be. He's the greatest thing that ever happened to me! I didn't know what was missing, but He was what I was looking for all my life.
  7. wow awesome feedback

    You all seem so on fire for our Lord and the comforter just reading you guys back and forward has made my stay here delightful God bless you all i am new by the way:goodpost: and was wondering is there any way to change font color if not its still a great site in Christ, Brother Travis.
  8. Welcome to CFS. Look forward to fellowship with you

    God bless,

  9. Welcome to cfs both of you new comers:) Its nice to see you are enjoying the site and members already...praise the Lord.

  10. I am so happy that you joined us and what a jouney that the Lord is taking us . I too love to talk about what He has done for me and it is wonderful to see Christians of like mind who are on fire for God and rest in His presence every day .

    God Bless and look forward to hearing more from you .
  11. Hey, just wanting to say welcome to CFS:)
  12. Hello and welcome here.

    Glad you decided to join us. Lots of people here who love God with all their heart.

    Hope you enjoy your stay here..

    God Bless

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