i know i know... just another atheist

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  1. i know i know... just another atheist

    Hello :) I taken a look at a few other forums and many topics posted by atheists come off as pretty rude or insulting simply because your beliefs are different from theirs.

    So I would like to clarify that I am not here to poke fun or belittle anyone who believes in a god or belongs to a religious group. I merely just want to find out why you believe what you believe in.

    Respectively, would any theist on these forums please talk with me - and explain - what made you believe, and why you still believe :)

    I have noticed that some people may take offense to some of my questions, and i really don't want to start a fight. I merely want to discuss with a believer on their believes so i can understand more-so.

  2. No offense taken.
    Simply put- I knew a little about "church" but one day Jesus Christ manifest His presence in my life. He glory left me speechless and I have never found anything to compare to the relationship we have. His presence, His love, His goodness they surround me and my life has taken on a completely new direction and meaning.
    Religion can change a man on the outside but an encounter with the Living God will change a man from the inside out.
  3. Boanerges,

    this manifest interests me. How exactly did he manifest into your life? Was it visually, like did you actually see Jesus, or did you mean it more metaphorically in the sense that when you accepted him, your life improved (for instance)?

  4. No problemo! I like these kinds of things. :D

    Well, its kind of a long one, lol, so it's some reading.

    I really don't know exactly how I came to know God. It just...was a gradual changing of my heart. I had been hurt so much in the past, and I had been exposed to God before. I didn't exactly dislike it, at first, I just wasn't interested. I was young and didn't know a lot about God. My father took me in the church many times, but I was always doodling or daydreaming. I wasn't really paying attention to Sunday School, etc.

    I stopped when I was in third/fourth grade, and I really don't know what happened then. We had some difficulties at an old school of mine, I left, and I began to recover, slowly, and draw close to God.

    It wasn't an immediate, overnight change. It was gradual footsteps. I began to take interest in the Bible and I began to question and learn about God. I knew absolutely nothing about Jesus, or Babylon, or anything in the Bible. All I knew was God and that was it. So, I was a young babe (in the spiritual sense), feeding on milk.

    My grandmother is the mediator, to me, of everything I have learned. She is my friend. She and I have been through so much together...that is why she is so important to me. I believe God allowed her to stay to care for me and my cousin, and to teach me about Him. I might not be the same person I am today without her.

    I know God has touched me in more ways than one. And He still continues to. I am a new person now. I died to myself and was 'born again', as some might say. I am a renewed person. Whether it was by choice, by destiny, by fate, or something else, I will never know. I just know it happened, and that is all.


  5. Hello.
    Honestly, it is pretty simple to me. I cannot feel nothing. I know that life cannot come from non living matter. I do not have the faith in me to believe in nothing.

    My LORD is where my faith is at. He shows me love, and I can feel HIS love, and without any part on my own, my life was changed when I recieved salvation through the blood of JESUS CHRIST.

    I cannot see the love of my mother for me. But, i can feel it, Iknow it is real.
  6. Church had been a speratic part of my life since i was a child. I made a commitment in 1984 that lasted a little over a year and then went about as far from Christ as I could get for14 years.
    I became, in one word, a hedanist(one who lives for pleasure).
    Then my life took an unexspected turn when it I found myself coaching a softball team that I later found out was primarily a church team.
    I found because of the Chist spirit of this small church that i become interested in the faith that so directed their lifes and allowed them to accept me for what i was to become rather than what I was.

    I was living the "Amerian Dream" The house on a quiet street in urban America ,the nicer things, respectd and financialy well off. The pickup truck and mini van, stable job IRA's the whole scene. Yet I was empty deeply troubled,had no peace ,no rest.
    The longer and more involved I become with this little "week ender" church the more my life troubled me until early one April morning I dropped to my knees on my dining room floor and prayed. I confessed and repented and promiced and when I got up from that floor I was a differant man, inside, in my heart.
    Jesus has manifest himself in my life and the lives of those close to me in so many ways I don't know were to start. My former life all gone except for the memories of how empty it truely was and how He has lead and at times literaly removed me from it.

    The eyes see, the ears hear, the bible reveils and they all confirm what the heart cannot deny nor the soal survive without.
    Christ Jesus.
    Blessed be the King of Kings

    His and
  7. Like Larry, I was exposed to church growing up, but really only until I was about 10, but never on a regular basis. But one day, when I was 18, I was in a very dire straight. I had put myself in a situation which was steadily,literally minute by minute, edging closer to a life or death situation. I was all alone, no one was within 5 minutes of being able to get to me. I fell on my knees and cried out to God, and He answered me. It wasn't a vocal answer, it was an answer in the form of His presence. To say it was different than anything I've ever felt, doesn't do it justice. None of this is embellished or romanticized, by the way. The best comparison I can offer in terms someone who hasn't experienced the two extremes would be for you to imagine a class 5 hurricane representing your state of fear and panic, and then in less than a second, the hurricane turns into the calmest brightest summer day you can remember. I had my eyes closed, I was outside at dusk, and it was if someone just turned on a 1 million candle power spotlight directly in my face, literally, but it didnt hurt or even make me squint. And the warmth. Not heat, warmth, like stepping out of the shade on a spring day. Instantaneously, there was no fear, no uncertainty, no panic. I didn't rationalize it away, I didn't talk my self down. It was just gone. I knew at that point that God was/is real and he was there with me. With ME! I was inconsequencial in even my own circles, yet He came, for me.

    I then later confessed and asked Christ into my life. Im sure you know, that when you self search and find certain things about yourself that you don't like, you make an effort to change those things. But when I dedicated my life to Christ, there were things that I still liked, but I knew were sin, that I suddenly did not like. I made no effort to change my thinking, it just happened, and hasn't stopped. There was never significant religion in my case. No ceremony, no tradition. Just a cry out to a God that I hoped was real, and an answer that He was there with me. That He loved me enough to show up and heal me. I have had more than enough proof, on a personal level, to confirm that Jesus Christ still lives, and still keeps His covenant that he made over 2000 years ago. One instant of rescue has led to revelation upon revelation that has changed my life in such a way that my belief cannot be reversed. I've doubted at points if what I put my faith in was real, but I was always lead back to that one single instant and the evnets that have followed since. It happened. It continues to happen. To deny it or discount it as purely psycological is impossible. For one thing, it is too consistant with Biblical accounts and descriptions of who Jesus is, and I didn't even make that connection until the last 3 or 4 years after the first revelation occured in 1991.

    Now with all respect in return, what kind of evidence would you need to be convinced that there is a God. Why do you not believe?
  8. very good questions reminds me of how i was befor 10/24/2004 wich happens to be the night Jesus found me and saved my life. when i was little my family went to church me and my brother were in awanas and i dont know about him but i really enjoyed it. not to long after my 10th b-day my dad killed him self and the pastor of the church we went to asked my mom to stop going and to stop bringing me and my bro and after that i decided there couldnt possibly be a God because if there was he wouldnt allow childeren to suffer so much. October 24 2004 was a very interesting night for me in alot of different ways. that night i had every intention to end my life i knew how i was going to do it and i knew i probably wouldnt be found untill around supper time the next day or possibly even the day after. i was simply going to take my belt and tighten it around my neck it is a military issue belt one that kinda locks and is very hard to undo (its hard to describe) tho for some reason i was browsing the web and found an article posted on a christian forum that i thot was kinda funny so for my last act i decided i would go there and try to cause as manny problems as i could (wich i also faild at so far i am 0/2 as far as my plans go lol). how ever i made one post it was very rude and im sure i managed to insult every one from every different religion and instead of banning me or calling me out the admin simply sent me a PM asking if i had yahoo or msn messenger and if she could add me so i thot what the heck i might really beable to have some fun with this wich once again i failed in what i intended to do lol. i was kinda expecting and hoping she would try to call me out for what i said but she didnt infact she did the exact opposite she APPOLOGIZED to me wich really kinda caught me off gaurd. we talked untill about 6am at wich point i was to tired to stay awake and went to bed no scripture or any thing like that she just listened and appologized quite abit and asked me to stay and keep posting on the forum. i had the next day off and ended up talking to her for moste of the day and she started pointing out certain scriptures to me mainly ones about how we are told life will be full of pain suffering and hardship and how no matter what happens, no matter what we say or what we all we have to do is ask and Jesus will be there for us just like he was over 2000 years ago while we nailed him to the cross. ill admit i still didnt really believe but it definatly got me thinking. not to long after that some one told me i should watch Passion of the Christ (wich i really liked but i will probably never watch it again). by the time i finished watching it i was bawling useually it takes alot to make me cry but i was like a little kid who lost his mom in a store. it was like somthing just clicked in my brain and befor i knew it i was on my knees at the edge of my bed begging Jesus to come in to my life then the strangest thing happened i couldnt see but i remeber it being very bright but it didnt hurt my eyes then i felt some one hug me (wich i knew was impossible because my bedroom door was locked and my mom and stepdad were both asleep) and all of a sudden i stopped crying and it was like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. in that single instant every thing became perfectly clear to me and there was no doubt in my mind that God was real and that even tho i had forsaken Him those manny years ago He had been by my side the entire time just waiting for me to ask for Him to come in to my life. i also realized that i am on this earth for a reason i have no clue what it is but it is obviously important. i can honestly say there is nothing any one can say or do to make me change my mind about the existence of God there have just been way to manny strange things happen in my life and now that i look back the timing of alot of normall seming events seem to be a bit to perfect.
  9. How do you describe God's glory? That is a tough one but I will try.
    It was as if I was walking my whole life in darkness and a great light was suddenly turned on. It was indeed as if His presence filled the very room around me- I could feel God, sense God and His presence was breathtaking.
    Beautiful, glorious, wonderful- words simply would not do. Faced with the reality of the Living God I simply bowed my heart to Him. He became a part of my life that day. The things I used to do- drugs, booze, wild living- I made no effort to quit them but simply did not want them any more as they paled in comparison to the beauty I had discovered.
    My God talks to me, leads me, guides me, comforts me, gives me wisdom. His presence can be a gentle whisper in my heart or His glory can be so strongly manifest that none can stand in His presence. I have seen the very room light up with His glory and in an instant He can bring peace to the most troubled heart.
    For those who have been in a worship service and His presence manifest they will understand what I am saying. Everyone knows at once when this happens. The entire atmosphere changes in a moment and every heart is stirred.
    I could testify of countless miracles. I could testify of many manifestations of God but that is not the real miracle. The real miracle is this; the Lord God has come to dwell in my heart, His presence is my deepest joy and walking with Him, growing in my relationship with Him and serving Him are my greatest joys.
    When life pounds at you His mercy carries you. When circumstance crushes others around you His joy wells up in your spirit and you begin to sing. The favor He gives, the blessing He bestows- these (again) pale in comparison to He presence which is my greatest joy.
    Discovering the real reason for your being is the key to real peace- that reason- man was created to walk with and fellowship with his heavenly Father.
    How can I describe this visitation, this in-habitation? Telling of the times when He poured out so much of His presence that my physical body could scarcely contain it- like a flame of fire burning in my chest and compelling me to serve Him all the more. Telling of the times He would call me to sit at His feet and find rest and healing- to know His gentle voice. Telling of the times when He poured through me- the Words not my own to minister to others in natural and supernatural ways- what a wondrous thing to be changed as the power of the Living God worked through you.
    Telling of these things and many more simply would not scratch the surface and words just are not enough to describe my Lord.
    You can accept this or not but this is the truth of my experience with God Himself as instigator and initiator. He sought me out, He changed my life forever.
    I will be praying for you my friend,
    brother Larry.
  10. :D Hi again Evointrinsic. Seems we are desined to bump into each other again. lol

    All Praise The Ancient Of Days
  11. posted this in youtube, posting it here also:

    if you look at & analyze the creation of the universe with a scientific mindset, you are opening up only three possibilities:
    a. the universe happened out of nothing
    b. the universe and time is cyclical, therefore, they always existed (or it's lifestyle of expanding and contracting goes on and on)
    c. the universe was created by something outside of the universe

    you can't say "a" because you would be contradicting science which says that "something can not come from nothing," life MAY come from non-life (abiogenesis) but surely something can not come from or be created by nothing. so "a" is out
    you also can't say "b" because, again, you will be contradicting science which says that "time is linear" and "everything has a beginning and an end," therefore, the universe cannot possibly exist in a cyclical form. so "b" is out

    now we deal with "c"

    the only thing that could have created, or caused the creation of the universe is something outside of the universe.
    now there are again only two possibilities:
    a. that "thing" that created the universe was also created by another created thing, which was created by a created thing, and so it goes, ultimately leading up to an "uncreated something"
    b. that "thing" that created the universe was an "uncreated something"

    we see that both options ultimately lead to everything being created by an "uncreated something"
    -scientists say that this was some form of energy that has always been there in the first place. (a.k.a. attributing divine characteristics to that energy)
    -theists say that it was God

    now you decide
  12. hmmm Huhu there :)
    I used to be a "Christian-Hater" Litarly, deeeep into witchcraft stuff and all sorts of religions... It seems to me that I could accept everything BUT christianity.
    And then, after a lot of poking and annoiance from my whole family (then the word of God offends (nonbelievers) - does anyone know the scripture to that phrase?) I got very curious and started to ask questions and reasonings, and wanted all kinds of prooves and stuff...
    I went to church and I guess God had planed for me to be ecxactly in that ceremony because the pastor was preaching about how beautiful everything is, that God has made for us, and it hit me in the head... I was soooo sorry for giving the credit of all that I so much love to some kinda Godess that's probably really a ,demon prince' or something of that sort, that I just asked for forgiveness and couldn't imagine that he could ever want me to be his child anymore... Me with my Pentagramm tatooed to my back and that convinced so many former ,catholics' or ,reformists' to turn to magic stuff...
    But he did, and I knew and understood a lot of things from the first second... As soon as I became a 'Born again Christian' it seemed as if a veil was liftet from my eyes and everything looked a lot brighter - And I will never ever again be without it...

    I hope that wasn't confuesing <.<
    I always try to make it as short as possible and maybe some of it doesn't make sence, if so just ask ^^

    I hope and pray that you one day will become a brother or sister of mine :)
  13. Hi angelika :)

    Jesus said:

    John 17
    14 I have given them Your word; and the world has hated them because they are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. 15 I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil one. 16 They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. 17 Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth. 18 As You sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world. 19 And for their sakes I sanctify Myself, that they also may be sanctified by the truth.

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