I just discovered this topic!

Discussion in 'Marriage and Relationships' started by violet, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. I just discovered this topic!

    My name on the forum is Violet.
    I am married with 8 children.
    I have 4 grandchildren also.
    My age....I forgot.
    My favorite color~guess!
    I desire to be a Proverbs 31 woman though I have a long way to go!

    I was raised in Christianity and though I have shamefully disappointed God too many times, I love him with all my heart.
    He has blessed me and my family more than any of us deserve!
    He has blessed us with a big house in a beautiful neighborhood in the midwest.
    We have lots of pets, homeschool (unschool), and pretty much stick close to home.
    My husband even works from home.
    My goal in my life right now is to serve The Lord and bring others to him as well as being a better servant to others, in His name.
    I want to help as many people as I can for no other reason than to help those in need and it brings me so much happiness.
    Blessings to everyone in Jesus' name!
  2. Gosh we have the same amount of grandchildren and children Violet!
    Oh I have one in Heaven too:(
  3. A grandchild in heaven, Jax?
    So do I~:(
  4. I would guess your favorite color to be white! Am I in the ballpark?:)

  5. I do love white dresses, Laura! :)
    You're funny!
  6. I have 2 children in heaven .... and miss them so much every day.
  7. Sky, I am so very sorry.
  8. Thank the Lord we know they are safe with Him, no more harm can come to them:)
    My little one in Heaven is called Leah, we prayed so hard that her mummy would want her, but she didnt, and God never violates our will.
    I know we will see her one day, the Lord gave my son a picture of her, and we hold on to that.:(
  9. Thanks, Violet. Sorry about your grandchild, and yours too, Jax. How old were Jonathan, and yours, Jax? We will be with them one day! Can't wait!
  10. Mine was born too early. He lived for a couple hours, fit in my son's hand and died in his hand. It was heartbreaking for him. He is buried near a pretty tree in the cemetary with a cross my son made for him.
  11. i could have had an older brother or sister,it wasn,t to be.i think it would of been cool.
  12. You still have him or her, Smellycat! In heaven! And one day we will be with them!
  13. But Violet, You left out How Cheery You allways seem to

    be able to be, especialy when the rest of Us need it the


    Love in Christ, Mike.:)
  14. I'm really trying to be cheery now, Mike, but I have a yucky cold again~:)
  15. Maybee Your just too friendly, and the colds like You too???:(

    Do You like Echenasia, and stuff from herbal stores for Your imune system in general????:)

    You don't take it all the time, but if not, Maybee there is Herbal stuff, which will help make
    You less prone to cold germs allways picking on You???:D

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