I have the presence of God in me

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  1. I have the presence of God in me all the time, omg, what does that me for me
  2. It means you have the anointing to go and do whatever God desires for you to do if you are willing. It also means you have the ability to commune with Him all the time.
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  3. That's great ! It means,imo..he'll be with you where ever you go...
    And I think He's giving you evidence of that.

    What does it feel like?
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  4. Sister, if you keep your heart set on the things above where Christ sits on the right hand of God, you will always sense not only God's presence with you, but God will also sense your presence with him. This is where fellowship with God happens in it's fullness!!!!
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  5. i'm seeing i need lots of prayer, i am humbled, i keep the armor on cuz i am not worthy, i'm so glad i can live in Jesus victory, the battle is already won
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  6. It's like having a buzz, like when you drink, but you have not drunk anything but water.
    I had this a long time ago, but i believed a lie, that i was getting sick or it was a false spirit.
    the Lord use to take me up and we'd be dancing.
    But now when it comes i let it and then my mind changes, i see things differently, i love people so much and i have no fear, i can walk up to people and just engage them in conversation, they tell me their life story. it's magical
    i can be hurt now too, before i wanted to be like spock on star trek who had no emotions, lol.
    Now i cry and laugh deeply, lol. I look at my feelings and now they help me look out at life from Heaven.
    If things around me are getting crazy or i don't understand, i say Jesus! help!
    i don't even mind if i cry in front of anyone.
    That is so different from who i use to be, or had become
    but i'm just a where of God in me, of my mind, I control what i think about or i take no claim to ungodly stinking thinkin, lol, Joyce Meyer saying, (love her)
    You can become supper drunk in the Spirit, I'm waiting for that, and laughing like crazy, that happens.
    2 years ago i fasted 40 days and 40 nights and some time later God fell on me for 2 weeks, i was so aware of His presence, i stayed in His Word He showed me Kingdom things like never before, but again i let a lie take me from Him, it said, you learned enough. I have nothing to boast about but Jesus, He still keeps coming for me after me so easily being fooled.
    I've been choked to death at 10 years old, but i'm still here, raped and molested at 4, but i'm still here, i've been stripped naked and beat at 14, and other stuff, but God kept me for Himself, kept me seeking Him, and He seeks me, I know how much He love you, let Hem tear those walls down and give Himself to you more, no matter where we are at in Christ, there is so, so, so much more, stay hungry . . .
    sorry if i went on to much, lol
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  7. Wow that's so amazing....definitely makes me want to seek god out..i am however sorry about all you endured..your post shows me god I indeed close to the broken hearted , he brought you close,changed you and shared so much with you..its so beautiful and encouraging..you are blessed.
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  8. I'm not living my life anymore, lol, I get to live His life, today i was at the kaiser hospital and had a chance to pray for a lady and change her life forever, praise God, it was Him who chose her, His power, His doing
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