I have often heard

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  1. I have often heard

    I have often heard, "I love God but just don't like His people." This may sound glib, but as John explained, this is a basic deception as we do not really love God unless we also love His people. The Scriptures also go to great lengths to explain that love is not to be based on whether people are lovable or not. --Rick Joyner​
  2. very true.
  3. I love all people. I just dislike some of the things they do, and when that happens, I pray for them. I like that quote up there, that is quite thought-provoking, and it poked me in the heart.
    Peace and blessings,

  4. Speaking of Rick Joyner… I just got this in my email today from my Pastor.
    Rick Joyner: "The Army of God Mobilizes--We Must Resolve that We Will Retreat No Further"
  5. we will retreat but not in spirit.
  6. This is something I was discussing with a non-Christian friend the other day. He was raised in the church, but saw a lot of hypocrisy and fake Christians. The way I look at it, if a non-Christian is offended by so-called Christians and their hypocrisy, then can you imagine what it's like for a REAL Christian to see people using Christ's name for bad things.
  7. take another look at the story of Jonah. Think about it, and you'll see that the only person who was not well-meaning was Jonah himself. Jonah wanted to see Nineveh destroyed. Jonah, who was supposed to be holy, was malicious. Every one else, from the sailors to the king of Nineveh, was a decent person. Think on that.
  8. plenty of non-christians behind the i know i,m a sinner stuff.my priest goes for anger management.i know he talks dribble,so does he.if i was gullible i would believe sinners never get better.but i know diffrent.if you want help pray and ask.anger management is a sign of a worldy priest.so where do i go to worship,but here.
  9. Perfectly true, BL!
  10. [​IMG]Its the so-called Christians that are giving Christianity a bad name. The witness that is put out there is so negative, non-christians want nothing to do with it. "There is no change in them, they act just like me! Why should I beleive?"[​IMG]
    One time, I was listening to a christian radio station talk show. A man on there was talking about a group of "christians" that took a big sign to a gay rally that said "Gays are going to hell" or something like that. The radio talk show host was upset because some of the rally goers got angry and tore up the sign.[​IMG]
    Now, the sign was telling the truth, but was it in love? Nope. And we wonder why they think we are hate-mongers?[​IMG]
  11. There is another thread onsite today dealing with issues concerning Christians and hate. It actually involves a whole church's ministry. Sometimes I feel as though the Church is like blind leading the blind. As far as I know and understand, God doesn't hate sinners. If He did, He would not have sent His son Jesus Christ to die for the redemption of the sinner. God hates and will judge sin. He will judge it in His way and in His time.

    Now what is the Christian to do in the meantime? We are to live our lives according to God's Word. We are to hate sin but have a love and compassion for the sinner that enables us to reach out to them to help draw them to Christ. I really don't like to be around people who are steeped in sinful practices and I believe that for me I should distance myself from them. However, I also believe that if they are placed in my path (by God?????), I should live my life as a strong, fervent Christian and share Christ and His saving grace at any opportunity.

    Since I have reached the stage when there is beginning to be more "snow on the mountain top" than in the past, (hee hee - my age :) ) I believe I can say that through the years I have seen many versions of Christian in the Church. Some good and some bad. Some that bring shame to the name of Christ and some that glorify Him. Because of those who don't live as I perceive they should for Christ, have I left the Church and the fellowship of like-minded believers? No. God's word instructs us to not forsake the assembly of ourselves with believers. We fellowship. We judge not. We leave it up to God to glean the wheat from the tares. We pray that non-believers will not be turned away from the faith by Christians who do not represent Christ in an honoring manner.
  12. With all that is going on in churches today it is of course no doubt that there is and will be a mass cleansing of we the people , because we are the church. Jesus is looking indeed for a church without spot or wrinkle and we must trim our lamps and be ready.

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