I Have My Second Life From God.

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  1. I had a surgical operation less than 2 weeks ago and the wound is still fresh. I'm so thankful to Him for giving me this second life because my appendix was severely inflamed with pus before I was operated. It was painful on the right stomach and the doctor said that it was about to burst that can cause my death. I was hesitant to have that operation due to lack of money, but my wife was insistent that I should have it immediately, so I had it. I don't know how she produced the big money needed for the operation, and I was so nervous about it. Later, I came to know that she borrowed money from others (without collateral), and I survived the operation. This is now my second life which I intend to devote to a Christian life.
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  2. Bless the L-rd, Inseparable. Bless Him for preserving you, that your wife insisted that you have the operation, and that He guided the doctors to do it right.
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  3. Yes, you're right, and that's how I got this user name - inseparable. It means I'll be inseparable with Him in my entire life.
  4. ...which is a blessing beyond imagination. He is so good! Love your name -- I had wondered!
  5. Yes, right; the only problem is how we can pay our huge debt to people. I hope He will also help us in any way, 'though I'm working double time to settle it.
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